That Doesn’t Go There.

When I was a wee lass, lo these many decades ago now, I really didn’t think that I would end up trying to explain sexual morality to people on flicker box calculators and baby televisions. Sigh.

Just to try to put an end to the stream of emails flowing into my inbox asking if this-and-such jiggery-pokery is sinful or not (please, God, make it stop), here is a very simple rule of thumb: if that doesn’t go there, then, no, you may not do that.

The penis goes in the vagina. This is how life is transmitted.  This is how the species is perpetuated. This is NATURAL.

What about…

NO. That has nothing to do with the transmission of life. That doesn’t go there.

If THAT doesn’t go THERE, then NO. 

Mouths, rectums, fingers – none of these things have anything to do with the transmission of life.  In fact, to abuse these parts of the body – be it your own body or your spouse’s body – by using them for unnatural acts, which are ALL, by definition, sodomitical, is an intrinsically degrading, hateful thing to do to one’s spouse, and to one’s self.

But, I enjoy… But my spouse enjoys…

Uh huh.  And every faggot on earth will swear up and down that they “enjoy” all of the sick, twisted things they do to themselves and each other.  “Liking” or “enjoying” unnatural acts has exactly zero to do with the objective disorder and sinfulness of said acts.  Child molesters “enjoy” assaulting and raping children, and the evil bastards, when they are caught, often try to argue that the children “enjoyed it”.  Necrophiliacs “enjoy” masturbating with dead bodies.  Musloids “enjoy” sodomy with animals, children and dead bodies.

Well, if my spouse were to cut me off from oral sodomy, and all we could ever do in bed was man-on-top “missionary”, then our marriage would be over…

I really don’t even need to respond to that.  I guess the only question would be if your spouse is aware of the fact that you do not love them, and regard them only as an object to be used for sodomy.

But a priest told me…

Let me guess.  A priest told you that “you can do pretty much anything, as long as you ‘finish’ in the vagina.”  Yeah.  That is the fruit of the heretical “Theology of the Body” (which would perhaps be better called Theology of the Bawdy), and is specifically a direct quote from a man who has made a boatload of money off the JPII Theology of the Bawdy gravytrain – Christopher West.  I bought a couple of West’s books to read years ago, and I remember the moment that I literally dropped the book I was reading and never read another word of West’s again:

“There’s nothing inherently wrong with anal penetration as foreplay to normal intercourse…”

Drop. Done. Dude’s a pervert, and a heretic.

Folks, you can tell the whole JPII Theology of the Body thing is bad news by the people who are the cheerleaders for it.  Christopher West is basically a cheerleader for oral and anal sodomy, and has made boo-koo bucks telling Catholics that oral and anal sodomy are a-okay.  We are talking about a man who actually titled one of his books – I’m not making this up – “She Comes First”.  It’s so embarrassing to see someone with so little self-awareness, and sickening to realize that no one around him sat him down and told him what a complete fool he was making of himself, nevermind the massive scandal. If you want to read more on West, Chris Ferrara did a write-up on him years ago.

Another example of the JPII Theology of the Bawdy gravytrain crowd is the notorious Roman chalice-snatcher and fag-hag, Elizabeth Lev, daughter of former ambassador to the Holy See, Mary Ann Glendon.  Lev wrote a book on JPII’s Theology of the Body and the naked human form in art – WHILE OPENLY CARRYING ON A SEXUAL AFFAIR WITH A PRIEST.  Are we to take it that over a decade of sacrilegious fornication with a priest constituted “research”?

Sexual morality isn’t rocket surgery, folks.  It is simple, and because it is a domain of the Natural Law, it is simple to the point of being intuitive.  If THAT DOESN’T GO THERE, then NO, you can’t do it. The only place the husband’s penis goes is in the vagina of his wife.  The only thing that goes into a woman’s vagina is the penis of her husband.

I would also recommend reading my essay, “The Entire, Sad Contraception Issue Explained”, which clearly explains why the marital embrace after menopause or infertility due to an illness is totally okay and not at all sinful.  (Hint: Isaac and John the Baptist were both conceived naturally by very old, barren women.)

Now, I think no more talk of the marital embrace for a while. Goodness.


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