So Now This Gregory Corna Is Threatening Me With Litigation. I Laugh.


The Divine Providence truly is wondrous to behold.  First, this Gregory Corna, the man who solicited me repeatedly – both in writing AND via voicemail – to go to Las Vegas and participate in pornographic videos, specifically of me sodomizing him with a plastic cylinder, is now putting on a veritable CLINIC in Diabolical Narcissism behaviors.  What an excellent teaching opportunity.

And, it must be mentioned first that so far there have been THREE Masses offered for Gregory Corna, specifically, “for the miraculous intervention of Almighty God for the salvation of the soul of Gregory Corna.” So Gregory Corna has now had three more Masses offered for him than almost everyone on the planet – and while he is yet alive, no less.  That’s pretty cool, and it is an excellent reminder that GOD LOVES EVERY HUMAN BEING – even the most despicable diabolical narcissist sex perverts. Look at the lengths the Divine Providence has gone to just to get the Holy Sacrifice offered for this guy.

So Gregory Corna first tried to buy me off by donating $100 through the ContinueToGive donate button – which I instantly refunded in full.  Then he upped the bid to $1000.  Then he left this voicemail, which is so very, very instructive.  Remember, these people simply have no comprehension of personal integrity. Corna literally does not understand how it could be possible that I am incapable of being bought off or intimidated. The latest voicemail from phone number (702) 969-6360 and transcript is below, with my comments in red brackets.

Hi Ann, this is Greg Corna, talking on a recorded line in my lawyer’s office. [Isn’t the entire point of voicemail that the line is, in fact, recorded? So this is supposed to be intimidating HOW exactly? I laugh.] Uh, I would like you to remove all, uh, information about me on your website. [Nope.] It’s causing some problems. [Like being held accountable for your freely chosen actions? Yeah, hate when that happens.] You have some very extreme, uh, followers, and I have gotten three death threats, two of them are documented. [I have as much responsibility for that as Jodie Foster had for John Hinckley’s actions.] Uh, my lawyer informs me that, uh, because of that, uh, we should be able to put a DMCA [Digital Millennium Copyright Act – as if copyright was in any way germane to this, much less violated in any way. I laugh.] request in to, uh, to take that link off your site. [There is no link on my site – just the plain text of his email to me, and the transcript of his voicemail.]  I don’t wanna get in a big legal battle with you – I, I, I respect your political views and, and everything like that. I had no idea you were a religious person when I called you [Boldfaced lie.  This guy had spent considerable time perusing both this website and my online oeuvre, and let’s be honest, using me as a mental image for self-abuse. He clearly had researched me enough to know that I have ethnic German heritage. This website is utterly saturated with Christian imagery, and text, including the FAQ page and, most especially, the Contact page, where he OBVIOUSLY had to go to get both my email address and my phone number.  Remember folks, Diabolical Narcissists are inveterate and facile liars, and like Gregory Corna, so shameless and so lacking in self-awareness that they don’t even realize how pathetically obvious and transparent their mendacity is.] I had no idea. [Liar.] Some of your content is misrepresented on the internet. That’s a problem. You should check into that. [This is TEXTBOOK projection/gaslighting. Note what Gregory Corna is doing here – he is trying to deflect the blame for his evil, despicable, perverse actions off onto “the internet” and also onto me – because, according to Gregory Corna, I am responsible for what people in the kind of sex pervert chat rooms that Gregory Corna frequents say about me. Diabolical Narcissists are incapable of genuinely taking responsibility for their actions – they can only make fake, “I’m sorry you made me hit you”-type apologies.] But, uh, I, I am making three reasonable offers to, uh, have you cease and desist using my name or any reference to my name and information on your website, and my offer still stands, uh, for your kind consideration I will donate to you for your fight to destroy islam one thousand dollars, or to the charity of your choosing. [As if I would ever take one red cent from a sex pervert like Gregory Corna – but Diabolical Narcissists are incapable of comprehending moral integrity. They think other people are as depraved and lacking in character and integrity as they are. This guy honestly thinks that I can be bought off.]  And, I, I think this is a reasonable offer. I stand, uh, corrected. I made a mistake, it’s a good example of not drinking and surfing the internet. [AGAIN, look at Gregory Corna lie through his teeth AND deflect the responsibility for his actions off onto, in this case, alcohol. Gregory Corna sent multiple emails after researching me for an extended period of time, and left a voicemail in which he sounds stone-cold sober.] Uh, what I saw of you were just some of your political speeches and, uh, islam, which was, I was attracted by that because I have the same views, and I don’t want to bother you legally because of that. Uh, I would like your consideration. [Oh, I have considered Gregory Corna thoroughly.] You’re a Christian woman. Let’s think this out. [I have.] I would rather this go away. Let me give you some money. [I’d rather die.] Just take the post off. [Nope.] I don’t need the headaches. [And I don’t need filthy, depraved sex perverts emailing and calling me, leaving me voicemails asking me to fly to Vegas and sodomize them with plastic cylinders on video. Yeah, I SURE AS HELL DON’T NEED THAT.] And, I stand corrected. And I, I would really appreciate that before we go any further in, in this field. Thanks, Ann for your, your time and consideration. Like I say, I, I, I really am sorry this, this had to happen. [AGAIN, look at Gregory Corna deflect responsibility for his actions by painting them as inevitable – he’s sorry this HAD to happen. No, it didn’t HAVE to happen. No one ever, ever, ever needs to ask another human being to commit acts of gross, intense sexual perversion. But Gregory Corna freely chose to do this – repeatedly.] And I, I stand corrected. I, I, I am not going to be drinking anymore when I, uh, send out an email to people on the internet that I don’t know [This is extremely important – note that Gregory Corna freely admits here that he intends to solicit strangers to commit depraved sex acts with him in the future – if this guy left this voicemail in the presence of an attorney, I’m Aunt Jemima], but this was a mistake on my part and I want to correct it. But, unfortunately because of some of your followers, uh, I have two documented death threats.  That’s , that’s a bit of a problem, and, and I think I have some legal standing. [I laugh.] But like I said before, if you could just send me an email, and uh, I’d, I’d,  like to end this with a contribution to you [I’d rather die], and, and, and just put this behind us. [No pun intended, I’m sure.] I, I would really like to do that, I, uh, thanks for your time Ann. Uh, thank you.

[Pretending to talk to his lawyer] Is that enough? Okay. Okay. Yeah.

Folks, when evil like this comes your way, you have to RUN AT IT.   I’m telling you, if you just step manfully to evil, it will almost always fold like a cheap suit, and even if it doesn’t, you will have still done the right thing.  There is NOTHING this guy can do to me.  Seriously.  If I don’t fear baiting the entire musloid political system to come and kill me, if I don’t fear declaring a very public tax strike and baiting the IRS to come after me, if I don’t fear going after the Vatican, if I don’t fear living hand-to-mouth financially, if I don’t fear going to prison, if I don’t fear being killed, then, seriously, what in the world do I have to fear from a sex pervert and his threats of… LITIGATION!

And, by the way, if anyone wants to cross-post this for educational purposes, that would be spectacular. After all, we wouldn’t want Gregory Corna’s “attorney” to starve to death from lack of billing hours, now would we?

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.