Diabolical Narcissism: Gregory Corna, Human Evil On Full Display

This post is extremely adult in nature, and revolves around intense sexual perversion and pornography.  I am posting this first and foremost to educate you all, specifically the fact that human evil more often than not presents on the surface as completely normal.  Diabolical Narcissists, especially cerebral DNs, can prowl throughout the world almost undetected.  These people are, on the surface, not drooling, raging demoniacs.  They hide in plain sight among us.  And boy, do I have a doozy of an example.

First, this is an email from the man in question, one Gregory Corna. Corna seems to be some sort of naval engineer. His professional website is www.chiefengineercorna.com .

Here is an email I received from Corna not long ago. Caution: Think long and hard before visiting the website mentioned below.  Remember, your ENTIRE browsing and searching history is permanently logged, and can be used against you.  Look, it is horrific.  It’s really, really bad.  You don’t need to look at it, nor should you. And things once seen can never be unseen, and the demons use images and memories against us whenever they can.  So again, I would urge you NOT to browse to the website below.

from: gregory corna <[email protected]>
to: “[email protected]” <[email protected]>
date: Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 1:41 AM
subject: Windowgirl.com

Hi Ann,

My name is Greg and I am the owner, webmaster of www.WindowGirl.com .
I am based in Las Vegas and need a strong controlling woman for the main actor on my site.
You could ware a full rubber suite with face mask and your Name and info would aways be a secret. I could pay all expanses to Las Vegas and do the videos in the Aria hotel ,I live very close at Veer Tower.
I will pay per video, we could shoot 4 or 5 in a weekend.
This site has a big following of men that need to be controlled by a strong woman .
Please give me a call at my cell (954) 465-4440
I am a big fan of your views.
Thanks for your time,

Now, here is a voicemail from Gregory Corna.  It is two minutes and twenty seconds of pure human evil, diabolical narcissism at its most refined.  Listen to how calm, cool, casual and even confident Corna sounds.  This is what a human soul, utterly devoid of charity, utterly devoid of human empathy, utterly devoid of shame or any pangs of conscience sounds like. Transcript below.

Hi Ann.  My name’s Gregory.  You can contact me at 954-465-4440. Uh, I’ve been listening to your political speech and, uh, your views are very common to mine. I’m very impressed. Uh, it looks like you might need some work. I’ve got a unusual situation where I run an adult website. The name of it is window girl dot com. And it features strong German women that are strap-on mistresses to men, that control men, and, uh, I do videos about that. Uh, I haven’t updated the site in such a long time because the original woman has passed away, but if you’d be interested in doing, uh, videos, I think we could come to an arrangement for money, and uh, this would be like with a full rubber suit, nobody would know you, you wouldn’t have to talk too much.  It would be very controlling situations over men, and uh, sexually I think you might be interested in that. And I could be willing to pay you some money up front. The website makes a little bit of money, but I, I do this mostly because of my interest in, uh, dealing with strong, uh, controlling women. And, besides that attitude, you have the exact same views I have on islam, and uh, a lot of other things, and your, uh, speech on the, um, scam banksters and the Federal Reserve, I went into that quite a bit too.  I’m a retired, uh, ship’s captain and I have got a strange, uh – strange desires, but, uh, we might be able to talk. If you’re interested just to talk about this possibly, uh, give me a call. The website again is window girl dot com. My name’s Gregory, and my phone number is 954-465-4440. And, believe me, we have a lot in common politically and, uh socially. It’s, it’s amazing. Thank you.

Okay, this guy is so totally far-gone, so thoroughly evil and in the clear grip of satan that the only real hope he has is supernatural.  It is utterly imperative to comprehend that his lucidity, functionality in society, and, apparently his career, his clarity of thought and speech is not evidence that he is not evil, but is precisely evidence that he IS EVIL.  Gregory Corna is not insane per se, nor is he actively possessed by demons. Gregory Corna is in full control of his faculties, and has FREELY CHOSEN EVIL.  People who are drooling, ranting, and manifesting insanity are the people for whom the culpability of evil is reduced. This Gregory Corna is one of the most chilling manifestations of evil I have yet encountered.

I would like to ask any of the priests reading this if they can please offer the Holy Sacrifice for this guy, if you have any open days coming up, because again, that is pretty much his only hope.  If you can say a Mass for this guy, Gregory Corna, shoot me an email and let me know.


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