Functionality Problems UPDATE: RESOLVED

UPDATE:  All is now well with .  They did have an issue on their end, but it is now resolved. THANK YOU!

Yes, I see that is having some sort of profound functionality problem.  I am trying to get in contact with them.  As more info comes in, I will let you know.  What I am seeing is that the recurring donations are still mostly (?) going through, but I suspect this is because the recurring profiles are a function of the payment clearinghouse, WePay.

If I need to make a change, I’ll let you know ASAP, obviously.

In answer to the many inquiries, YES, the University Blvd. snail mail address (on the contact page) is still good and is checked multiple times per week;

and YES, my Cornerstone Cattle Marketing 16 hour DVD set is still for sale ($500), and if you are interested in that, email me to order and for payment instructions.

As always, thank you!!! Remember, every Tuesday at 0830 is the weekly “Benefactor Mass”, offered in the Venerable and August Gregorian Rite, so set an alarm!

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