Definitely Not a Norman Lear Production

1.  Update on the “Van Parking Spot”.  First and foremost, thank you for all of the prayers and kind words.  I wish I was providing a better example and practicing what I preach.  I told Andrea Shea King a few weeks ago via email when things started getting chippy that “if it is God’s will that I stay nothing will be able to dislodge me, and if it is God’s will that I go, then nothing can prevent that.”  I reckon that it isn’t the prospect of departing Riverville that is so horrible – I have always known that that day would come.  It is the terms.  I had hoped that I would have been able to leave on sad and yet happy terms, not as a plague being driven out.  But, it is what it is.  I guess St. Paul went through this several dozen times.

So the update on the actual parking spot is that I am still in the new parking spot, but haven’t heard anything in about a week.  No news is good news and all that.  But, I’m certainly not going to unpack any more clothes, put it that way.  So, for now, it’s just “One Day at a Time”.  Because I have to, here’s the song.  I always hated this show as a kid.  It was such miserable, overacted  Commie agitprop, as were all of Norman Lear’s shows.  The lead character, the feminist single mom divorcee played by Bonnie Franklin, was such a revolting, miserable, mean-spirited, self-absorbed harpy, I can’t for the life of me figure out how this show ever ran for as long as it did.  Oh… wait.  I know.  Valerie Bertinelli.  Ten million teenaged boys and Eddie Van Halen can’t be wrong.  Duh.

… So up on yo’ feet!  Somewhere there’s music playin’.  Don’t you worry none, just take it like it comes… one day at a time.

2.  Speaking of Andrea Shea King, on the last ASK broadcast we did I talked about how people on the so-called “center-right” will start blaming the messengers, and that these sort of attacks should be expected.  Well, sure enough, just yesterday a very traddy priest told me that Pope Francis wouldn’t be doing nearly as much damage if people like me didn’t report or write or blog about him.  So me and my low six-figure audience is the problem, and the multi-trillion dollar global satanic-Freemasonic media juggernaut is no bigs.

I am reminded of Solzhenitsyn:

“You can resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.”   

3.  Yes, I saw the SCOTUS Tibble vs. Edison decision regarding pension and retirement funds, which allows for government seizure of said funds if the fund or plan “underperforms”.  Here’s the problem with this, and it is very simple.  Interest rates on anything other than 9th level derivatives are zero to negative.  Good grief, Swiss 10-year bonds have a negative yield.  TEN YEAR!  So the oligarchy drives interest rates to zero or lower, which means the only way to have even a chance of generating a return is to invest in super-risky products and derivatives, and then when either the funds fail to perform due to a lack of yield on “safe products”, or due to losses incurred on a high-risk portfolio, the State rushes in to save the people.  Um, yeah.  This is exactly what we have been warning about for years.  I personally have been saying for years both in terms of retirement funds AND Obamacare, that the regime would willfully and with full malice aforethought destroy both the financial markets AND the health insurance system such that the people themselves would be begging for government takeovers of both sectors.  Speaking of which, did you see that most health insurance premiums are set to double again next year?  Yep.  All according to plan, and also according to SIMPLE MATHEMATICS AND COMMON SENSE.

I am reminded by the whole government-imposed zero-to-negative interest rate paradigm of the engineered starvation in the Ukraine in ARSH 1932-33.  I’ve told this story before, but it bears repeating.  So in ARSH 1932, Stalin had decided to exterminate the Ukrainian peasant class.  Ukraine was/is the breadbasket of eastern Europe, and wheat farming was huge.  The Soviet agents running Ukraine refused to give the Ukrainian farmers any seed to plant that year’s wheat crop.  The farmers, growing progressively more panicked with each passing day as the planting window closed, would go to the Soviet offices and BEG the bureaucrats for seed.  They were given none.  Fast-forward to harvest time.  The Soviet bureaucrats showed up at the Ukrainian farms and demanded delivery of that year’s wheat crop.  The farmers, stunned by the sheer audacity of the Soviets’ demands for a crop that they categorically refused to give the farmers seed to plant, were then accused of hoarding the non-existent wheat harvest, were lined up and summarily executed as enemies of the people.  The women, elderly and young children were left to starve to death.  Before it was over, many women, driven insane by starvation, had killed, cooked and eaten their own children.  It is conservatively estimated that 4 million people starved to death in the Holodomor, which means “hunger extermination”.  The similarity is striking.  Synthetically eliminate the time value of money, and then demand the generation of a return.  Just sayin’.


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