An object lesson for any remaining Pollyannas


I post this because there are still people who think that what is going on is simply one more case of generally decent people of good will disagreeing over political questions.  No.  Porn, drugs, fornication and sexual perversion are all entry vectors for DEMONIC OPPRESSION.  Read this email that came across the transom, and then go buy more guns and more ammo, because when these people are let loose, it will literally be hell on earth.





Uni Pex <[email protected]>
9:29 PM (1 hour ago)

to Ann
Hi, does your pussy smell like wet poop? you nasty bush tuna-smelling muslim-hating cunt…. and what’s your address again? oh i forgot. the irs busted your ass and you don’t have a home. you’re living with friends hahahahha. so no guy wants you…. you talk about muslims having sex, when apparently your cunt doesn’t get poked…. unless of course, if you’re a whore, which is completely against your “biblical” beliefs.. enjoy your toys…. so what’s your dildo’s name again?

go eat a dick and get a man….. i reserve the right to fuck the shit out of you (of course with your consent…. you’re a closet slut who needs to get your nasty cunt drained)…. And janitors pay just above minimum wage, right?

god dam, you’re an idiot. lol. is religion this fucking stupid? you’re no different to the other religion that you profess to hate and despise… you’re both two extreme ends of the spectrum, who both venture off into la-la land….

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.