When it rains it pours…

1.  Update:  the “parking space for the van” issue has improved significantly, but I’m not going to self-sabotage by declaring the issue fully resolved.  Thank you all for the kind assurances of your prayers.

2.  But, Tuesday morning my immediate superior at my job as a custodial engineer where I Clean All the Things was mowed down on his motorcycle on his way to work by a very old lady who shouldn’t have been driving at all.  He always wore a helmet and full dragonskin, but suffered a very bad high femoral fracture.  (Shudder)  He’ll be out of commission for months, but hopefully will make a good recovery.  So, as you can imagine, Guess Who just got a temporary field promotion and an increase in hours?  Yep.  So, like I said, when it rains it pours.

3.  I have felt awful not having time to comment on the Pam Geller event.  So, catching up:

A.)  Kudos, as always to the brilliant, brave and beautiful Pam Geller.  She’s the original and second-to-none, folks.  She has dedicated her life and her personal resources to fighting the tyrannical political system masquerading as a religion commonly called “islam” and has done and continues to do yeoman’s work.

B.)  Super kudos to the off-duty officer who calmly dropped the musloids with perfect cranial shots, knowing that they were wearing body armor, and thus a headshot was required.  With his .45 pistol.  Just fantastic.  Movies have lulled all of us into believing that accuracy with a handgun is easy.  Well, it ain’t.  It is intensely difficult, even when practicing calmly on a range.  The fact that this fellow showed such accuracy in, what I understood to be, his very first tactical discharge is even more remarkable.

C.)  The big news today is that Pam Geller has NOT been contacted by the FBI or DHS.  I can’t say that I am surprised.  I was never involved in an attack like this (precisely, I think, because I made public my ability and willingness… enthusiasm even, at the prospect of defending myself), but it was still instructive to a lesser degree that I was likewise never contacted by any law enforcement other than my local police department.  It really makes one wonder, was that whole Molly Norris thing for real?  The propaganda arm of the regime is STILL pushing the “Molly Norris” story – see HERE.  Now, you all know that I hate the whole conspiracy theory worldview, but Pam Geller just had an act of war carried out on her by the Caliphate who have troops, forts, depots and colonies operating in the territory of the former United States (all according to the regime’s plans), and two soldiers of the Caliphate had their heads blown off, and not even a phone call from the FBI or so-called DHS.  But Molly Norris is still in the witness relocation program because she drew a cartoon on a thimble?  Um, call me incredulous. And after you call me incredulous, remind me again why it is that ANYONE is still paying taxes to this evil, evil regime?

4.  I’d just like to say once more at this point how much I HATE islam.  I also HATE sodomy in all its forms.  I also HATE beets.  That last one is, well, not quite the same, but I just couldn’t leave it off the list.

5.  I just wanted to point one thing out with regards to the living breathing allegory to the former United States that he is, Bruce Jenner.  Just to point out what a shallow, ridiculous crock of shit Jenner’s whole tranny schtick is, consider this quote from Jenner:

“I am not gay. As far as I know, I am heterosexual.  I’ve never been with a guy.”

Um, wait.  So you are telling everyone dumb enough and indifferent enough (remember, indifferentism is the opposite of charity or love) to entertain your sad, diabolical delusions that you are a “woman”, but the thought process on this is so incredibly shallow that you declare yourself “heterosexual” and “not gay” because you are exclusively sexually attracted to women.

Um, if Jenner actually believed on even the shallowest level that he was a “woman trapped in a man’s body”, dontcha think he might say something like “I’m a lesbian”?

Look, this is a guy who has descended into full-blown insanity and in a sane, Christian culture he  would be declared insane and institutionalized for his own protection.  Instead he is universally enabled in his insanity, and is going to chop off his own penis and testicles among other mutilations to the cheers of his evil family, evil “friends”, and the entire evil post-American culture.

Like I said, Jenner is the walking, talking allegory par excellence of the former United States and its culture.  You could not write this as fiction.

It’s over, y’all.  What at long last will it take for you to come to grips with this?





Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.