Moving Daze

I moved the “Van Down By the River’s parking spot” on Thursday, and thus have been in perpetual motion ever since.  One of the great mysteries of life is why unpacking takes so much longer than packing.  Even for a mere “van down by the river”.  Seriously.  Everything I now own fits EASILY into less than 300 square feet.

….I should finish unpacking in mid-July, if everything goes well.  ARGH!!!

Also, a snag has arisen with the new parking spot.  Let’s just say that local law enforcement may be less than sympathetic.  Prayers will be appreciated.  The Mother of Divine Providence, St. Joseph, St. Catherine of Siena and St. Philip Neri are all particularly involved, so asking them to pray for me would also be good.  Miracles are real, and God is in charge.  Whatever happens is for the best.

But, if it is time for me to go to the clink, I’m ready.  I have had more happiness and love in my life than most groups of ten people put together. When I go to prison, whether it be sooner or later, all I will have to do is close my eyes and think of these days….

God bless you all.

The Mother of Divine Providence with her Sweet Snuggly Baby.

The Mother of Divine Providence with her Sweet Snuggly Baby…who is God.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.