Smoked Salmon

1.  I love smoked salmon.  What a delicious treat.  In fact, I have determined that I like things that are cooked by methods other than heat.  Pickling is a form of cooking with acid and/or salt.  Smoking.  Curing.  Dehydrating.

2.  The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was offered yesterday for all of my benefactors and supporters.  It was lovely.  The Feast was that of St. John Chrysostom, which was an extra-special bonus.

3.  Update on Ukraine:  the Prime Minister has resigned, and most importantly, the military is refusing to move against the protesters.  That’s the important part.  Once the military refuses orders, a given government is basically over barring massive outside intervention – which is still possible here from Putin.  But that seems unlikely at this point.

This is exactly what needs to happen in the U.S.  There needs to be a general strike demanding the total liquidation of the FEDGOV.  The FEDGOV needs to be forced to give the military orders to fire on U.S. citizens.  I know you don’t want to hear that, but it is the truth.  Now here is the big problem as I see it:  I think that the Flag Officer Corps and a majority of the Field Grade officers would go along with the regime, because those ranks have been almost totally purged of decent, God-fearing men who are loyal to the Constitution and the Rule of Law.  Flag and Field Grade officers are now almost entirely craven hacks who care only about their pensions and slithering up the chain of command in order to maximize their pensions and stroke their shriveled, flaccid, quivering egos.  Someday I might tell you what I REALLY think of them.

So, yes, I think the officers would give orders to fire.  I also think that most of the enlisted men would NOT follow those orders.  It would be one hell of a gamble, and there will be casualties, but sadly, it is clearly what needs to happen.  Enough of this garbage.  Enough of this lawless, despotic oligarchy.  The longer this goes on, the worse it is going to be when the poop hits the fan.  Each day magnifies the pain that WILL come later.  The former United States needs to take a lesson from Ukraine, do the right thing, and force FEDGOV’s hand.  Whenever something painful or unpleasant has to happen, it is always much better to lean into it and be in control of the situation, rather than cower, stall and flinch.

4.  Dinesh D’Souza.  As I understand it, the guy makes a documentary critical of Obama and now has been arrested and made to post a bond on a $500,000 bail because he bundled $20,000 for some congressional candidate and didn’t fill out the appropriate paperwork and document it properly.  Now, I don’t want to engage in relativism, but I MUST point out that Jon Corzine stole $1.6 billion dollars in customer funds and the only thing that happened to him was having to go to Washington whereupon he perjured himself without compunction before Congress while simultaneously being given a tongue-bath by said Congressional panel.  In other words, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  That needs to be pointed out because it speaks to my main premise in all of my ranting and raving: The Rule of Law is DEAD.  There is no equal protection under the law because the iniquitous gutter republic formerly called the United States of America is no longer a nation of LAWS, but a nation of MEN.  All that matters is who you are and who you know.  Period.

Now to D’Souza.  I’m sorry, but I’m having trouble summoning much sympathy for him.  The United States has been overthrown.  The government is no longer legitimate.  The Congress is a den of thieves, a hive of scum and villainy, a neo-Stalinist mafia of psychopaths and drooling imbeciles-cum-pawns.  What in the hell is he doing participating in that wretched mess in the first place?  What is he doing raising and bundling money for ANYONE having ANYTHING to do with that satanic sharknado?  If you are so stupid that you think that a.) elections are fair and b.) this neo-Stalinist mafia can be somehow thwarted by JOINING THE MAFIA AND PLAYING THEIR GAME, you deserve what you get.  D’Souza shouldn’t have been playing patty-cake rah-rah for some totally unqualified and delusional soccer mom.  Remember Barnhardt Axiom #1:  seeking and/or holding office, especially national-level office, is, in and of itself, proof that a given person is psychologically and morally unfit to hold public office.  D’Souza should have been denouncing the entire festering mess and using his platform to call for both tax and general strikes.  If you’re going to go down, go down being USEFUL and setting a good example.  This is just stupid.

5.  One. More. Time. The stock market keeps going up because… the Federal Reserve is pumping at *bare minimum* $85 billion dollars per month into the markets.  There is no “there” there.  It is a bubble of such epic proportions that there is no historical analogue anywhere, ever.  And it isn’t just the U.S. central bank that is doing this.  Europe, Japan and China are the same story.  Oh, and apparently your Crack-addled Sodomite Leader is going to roll out “Tax-deferred Treasury Bond Retirement Accounts” in the big speech tonight.  In other words, the government will be stealing your wages DIRECTLY instead of going through the middleman ruse of 401(k) accounts, as many of you have learned of late.  Remember Barnhardt Axiom #2:  If you can’t roll around on top of it whilst wielding your assault rifle, then sweetie, you don’t really own it, and you never did.  #TOLDYA

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.