Open the fridge, see what is in there, throw it all in a bowl, and then make meatloaf out of it. That’s what this post is.

1. Once again, a standing ovation for Boeing, please. Apparently the pilot had just SLIGHTLY more experience landing a 777, much less at SFO, than I have, essentially flew the aircraft into the ground at which point the aircraft cartwheeled, and 99.5% of the people on board survived, and one of the dead MAY have been run over and killed by a rescue vehicle on the tarmac. Um, THAT is one heck of an awesome airframe. That’s the plane I would want to fly on, please. An Airbus would have probably disintegrated. Remember the old axiom, folks, “If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going!”

2. Regarding the group in Northern Colorado that is looking to secede: I hate to be a killjoy here, but after you secede from Colorado, you do realize that you will still be inside the neo-Stalinist nation that used to be the Constitutional Republic called the United States of America, right? If you think the dope-smoking sodomite tyrants in Denver are bad, what exactly is your plan to deal with the collective antichrist that is the FEDGOV? When the Northern Colorado/Western Kansas/Western Nebraska boys start talking about seceding from the UNION, then I’ll sit up and pay attention.



Re-reading some of your older posts and indeed the men have gotten pansified. But it doesn’t help when a man who’s realized that he’s got to get out of the system has a wife who throws a royal fit when he tries. There are a lot of men out here who have to choose between obeying their wives or greasing their tank’s treads with their wives who stand in the way. A comannding officer’s second-in-command should be there to help, not hinder.

Yes, dear. Life is hard when your wife is carrying your testicles around in her purse. CRY. ME. A. RIVER.

Let me tell you what your first clue should have been, gentlemen: (And remember, my average reader is about 65 years old) When your blushing bride told you there was NO WAY she was going to say “love, honor and OBEY” at your wedding back in ’71. There’s your sign, boys. Having been blessed/cursed with THREE large brass testicles that I have had to carry around for my entire adult life, and fully appreciating the disorder therein, a good girl should be falling all over herself to find and marry a man worthy of her obedience, and to publicly pledge said obedience to him in front of God and everyone.

Here is the admonition of the priest to the bride, straight out of the Sarum Missal:

Vis habere hunc virum in sponsum & ei obedire, & seruire, & eum diligere, honorare, ac custodire sanum & infirmum, sicut sponsa debet sponsum, & omnes alios propter eum dimittere, & illi soli adh†rere quamdiu vita vtriusque vestrum durauerit?

Obedire, y’all. O. BE. DI. RE. Obey.

The Old School? It is the Best School.

The husband is asked if he will cherish and take care of his blushing bride. But Kathy is required to pledge obedience to this chap who is agreeing to TAKE CARE OF HER. Darn right. If some dude agrees to take care of you for the rest of your life, I think it is appropriate for you to agree to not chop-block, hamstring and otherwise kneecap the brother while he is cherishing and taking care of you. Oh, and there’s also that little thing about, er, actually LOVING your husband, and thus trusting him, and thus honoring him and wanting him to be the best man he can be, and thus not cutting his testicles out on your honeymoon night and carrying them around in your purse for the next fifty years.

Curse you, you filthy feminists. Curse you to the deepest, darkest cinders.

4. This concept via KD at Simple math, people. Simple math.

If we call the economy of the U.S. $15 Trillion, and the Obama regime and Federal Reserve dilute the currency by $1 Trillion per year (which they are at minimum), this results in a 6.66% reduction in purchasing power annually (1 divided by 15). Thus, personal income AND spending must increase at 6.66% annually in order for the economy to merely tread water at the consumer level. Any “growth” rate LESS than the dilution rate is therefore ECONOMIC CONTRACTION.

Just stop and think about that. I know you can do it.

5. Cool musical interlude: Hank Snow, Canada’s single greatest export, singing “Now and Then There’s a Fool Such As I”. Elvis’ cover is quite good, too.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.