Barnhardt Estate Sale Continues

Now that I am living in the Van Down By The River and have liquidated my estate, I did hold back a few items which are being sold on eBay by the Estate Liquidation Elves back in Colorado. We had some incredibly successful auctions of wooden spoons, rolling pins, and my Colorado license plates. Now we are doing simple, fixed-price “Buy It Now” sales. The silverware has sold out (Thank you!) and we are now working through the china dinnerware at $60 PER PIECE, which includes free shipping. Once the china is sold, we will move to the very exciting mug collection, and then after that the whisks and spatulas! Ooooh. Ahhhhh.

Thanks to one and all who have made purchases. Be assured of my daily prayers for all of my benefactors. In fact, in the examination of conscience I use in preparing for Confession, failure to pray for one’s benefactors is a specifically listed sin, so I am well-reminded to never forget or take for granted those folks who are willing to pay WAYY too much for my random stuff.

My eBay handle is 720ann.

Here is the china listing. It says there are 27 pieces remaining.

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