St. Anselm explains in 30 easy words why no churchmen nor “professional Catholics” will even discuss the obvious, observable, easily provable fact of the Bergoglian Antipapacy

“God often works more by the life of the illiterate seeking the things that are God’s, than by the ability of the learned seeking the things that are their own.” –St. Anselm of Canterbury, Benedictine Abbot, and Doctor of the Church, died 21 April ARSH 1109 Nailed. It. Mic. Drop. Amen. In other words, Credentialism […]

Barnhardt Podcast #133: The Assets are in Place

[Direct link to the MP3 file] In this episode Supernerd reads listener questions while Ann answers and tangents are explored! Questions asked and answered: The most submitted question, what led to Ann’s conversion, was answered in the two-part “Spiritual Journey of Ann Barnhardt” two years ago: Barnhardt Podcast #069: The Spiritual Journey of Ann Barnhardt, […]

Giving credit where credit is due: “Bunch of dopes and babies…”

You all know my position on politics, politicians, Kayfabe, etc. BUT… If Trump called his top flag officers “a bunch of dopes and babies”, all I can say is: DAMN STRAIGHT. Might I be permitted to add: “a wretched hive of pervert-coddling sell-out recreational-cuckold mediocrities with pathological delusions of adequacy.” The only thing more spectacularly […]

Ummm… Quick Question

Okay, if you agree with me that national-level electoral politics is all fake and Kayfabe, why exactly is it so important that people vote? That makes no sense.  If you believe, as I do, that it is all theatrics, pre-orchestrated fakery, then the “voting” is moot, yes? Simply part of the Kayfabe to maintain the […]

Trump, Sodom and Abraham's Bargaining With God

As my Trump Kayfabe piece from this past week percolates through the innerwebz, I have been particularly struck by how the Lutheran heresy of “total depravity” and “cheap grace” has utterly infected our culture – even the “culturally conservative right”. It is interesting – in the sort of way a motorcycle accident on the interstate […]