Sodomite Antipope gives master class in narcissistic projection, telling Italian bishops’ conference that there is “too much faggotry” in Italian seminaries. Derisive laughter ensues. Man, I love it when the faggots turn on each other….

So much here.

Fr. Z’s post has the translation of the Italian reportage.

First, people are trying to spin this as Antipope Bergoglio not knowing what he was saying in using the Italian word “frociaggine”. (FROH-chee-ah-gene-eh) because Spanish is his mother tongue blah blah blah.


In Italian, there are two pejoratives for “faggot”. The less-severe is actually the word for fennel – as in the root vegetable with the slight licorice flavor- “finocchio”. Pronounced like Pinocchio except with an “f”. The far more severe word is “frocio” (FRO-cho), from the Latin word “ferox”, meaning bestial. So yeah, Antipope Bergoglio himself being a ginormous FROCIO, who surrounds himself with sodomites, and lusts after “good-looking young gay priests” to the point of installing them as his personal secretaries, knows EXACTLY, PRECISELY what “frocciagine” means in Italian. The suffix “-iaggine” is the same as the English suffix “-try”. Hence “faggotry” in English.

He knows EXACTLY what “frocciagine” means just as he knew what the words “coprophagia” and “coprophilia” (the eating of feces) meant when he started throwing that word around a decade ago. I, like every other morally sane person, had to look that up, but I have been assured by multiple sodomite male readers (yes, some of them read me because they know I’m right) that shit-eating is considered to be one of the most attractive activities among male sodomites, and that it is a regular and key part of the sodomite repertoire. I tell you this so that you understand that what these foul wretches do is NOT “just like what heterosexuals do”. It isn’t. What sodomites do to each other and themselves is “never sufficiently execrated depravity” that is worse than bestial. Sodomy is just about one of the lowest, sickest, most evil, disgusting things in the entire physical universe. It is a societal cancer, and cancers must be CUT OUT, or else they will kill the host, guaranteed.

Which brings us to the notion of SELF-LOATHING. I’ve said many times that the stereotype of the “self-loathing Jew” is very, very real, summed up by the axiom, “No one hates the Jews more than the Jews hate the Jews.” Well, the self-loathing of the sodomites (of both sexes) makes the Jews look like paragons of healthy self-esteem by comparison.

When the code of omertà breaks down amongst the fags, well, break out the Orville Redenbacher and enjoy the show, because nobody hates the fags as much as the fags hate the fags, because fags know exactly how depraved and disgusting they all are. Almost all of the Italian bishops today are faggots, and the vast majority of Italian Novus Ordo seminarians (what few there are) are also faggots. And everyone knows this. And all of the faggot bishops in Italy know perfectly well that Antipope Bergoglio is himself a faggot. So for Antipope Bergoglio to tell the Italian bishops’ conference that there is “too much faggotry” in the seminaries is indeed the epitome of self-loathing narcissistic projection. No wonder they all laughed derisively when he said it. It wasn’t just the fact that he used a vulgarism – Antipope Bergoglio is notorious for not only his vulgarity, but also for his fondness for stunningly blasphemous euphemisms – but the dripping hypocrisy and obvious narcissistic projection. Antipope Bergoglio surrounds himself almost exclusively with, and actively protects not just sodomites, but sodomite rapists and pedophiles. Antipope Bergoglio lecturing ANYONE about purging faggotry is the quintessence of the narcissistic trick of accusing others of his own crimes, aka “projection”.

And to do this mere DAYS from the beginning of Pride Month, too!! Jasmine (James Martin, Ethh Jay’s faggot code name) mutht be abtholutely bethide himthelf!!! Oh, the humanity!!

Let the sodomite cat fighting ensue! I’m here for it! Let evil exterminate itself!!!

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.