The Antipope Bergoglio Faggotry Imbroglio just keeps getting better and better. He also called them “faggots” AGAIN in the same sentence. To paraphrase Yoda, “Begun, the Fag War has.” 😂🤣

The Vatican press office issued a statement basically saying, “Ah, he didn’t understand what he was saying – he didn’t mean nuffin’ by it. He lurvs the fags, he ain’t no dirty homophobe!”

Oh, we laff. We laff hard.

The exact quote in Italian from Antipope Bergoglio’s big Faggotry speech is:

“Nella Chiesa c’è troppa aria di frociaggine e quindi i Vescovi devono mettere fuori dai seminari tutte le checche, anche quelle solo semi orientate.”

In the Church there is too much of an air of faggotry and therefore the Bishops must put out of the seminaries all of the faggots, also those who are only *partially-oriented.

[or partially inclined or semi-inclined] (*the literal translation is obviously “semi-oriented”).

I’ve consulted with multiple Italians, and the unanimous consensus for the word “checche” (KEK-kay) is ‘faggots’, but as you can see from this translation site, it has a plethora of thoroughly pejorative possible translations:

Folks, ain’t NOTHING “non-offensive” to the sodomites in what he said. Hence the roomful of queeny, queer, sissy, poofter, pansy FAGGOT Italian bishops laughing derisively at Antipope Bergoglio’s words. Between the vulgarity, the hypocrisy, and the fact that emptying the Italian Novus Ordo seminaries of sodomites would reduce the number of seminarians by … oh, I dunno, 95% or so, it was quite a laugh line. Quite a thigh-slapper.

Folks, evil ALWAYS self-sabotages. Evil always destroys itself.

Begun, the Fag War has. 😂🤣😂🤣

And believe me when I tell you, I’M ROOTING FOR CASUALTIES.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.