Open Letter to Megyn Kelley: Your first marriage was almost certainly valid and thus not null, AND IVF is mortal sin. Sweetie, you need to find orthodox, believing Catholic clergy to help you get your life right.

THIS right here is why +Barron pings a LOT of Traditional Catholics’ bee-ess meter. Kelley CLEARLY does not understand that a decree of nullity means that NO VALID MARRIAGE EVER EXISTED. How can we tell? Because she refers to her “first”, that is VALID husband, as her “husband” and freely admits that they separated and their sacramental marriage (Catholic wedding in a Catholic Church with full marriage prep) was abandoned for trivial reasons (“we’re still good friends”). Kelley CLEARLY thinks that a decree of nullity means that there WAS a marriage, and that marriage CEASED TO BE… in direct contradiction to Our Lord’s words in the Gospels that marriage is INDISSOLUBLE and that anyone who abandons their spouse and takes up with another, no matter whose fault or even the amicability and mutual “consent” of the spouses to abandon each other, COMMITS THE MORTAL SIN OF ADULTERY. And +Barron just sits there mugging for the camera. Only ++Dolan is a more egregious fake.

It is also obvious that Kelley’s intellect is darkened by her open, proud admission of conceiving all three of her children through In Vitro Fertilization, as Nurse Claire and I just covered in Barnhardt Podcast #203. Kelley is apparently living in unrepentant mortal sin on two accounts: adultery with her “second husband” AND the mortal sin of IVF which she seems to be proud of, and thus openly unrepentant. REMEMBER: Kelley’s children are NOT culpable for the circumstances of their conception any more than children born from rape, adultery or fornication are culpable for the circumstances of their conception. The IVF is on Kelley and her “second husband”. That sin is theirs alone.

Here is my piece from several years ago, “Cutting the Crap: If you’re divorced, you’re done romancin’ “

What a luciferian evil this deception by the infiltrators of the Church has done to people, convincing them that their valid, indissoluble marriages could be “declared” dissolved – as if a sacramental marriage could undergo an ontological change – could in one moment exist, and then in the next moment with some joke document from a “marriage tribunal” cease to exist. I pity Kelley and her male adultery partner. I’m sure that they are deeply emotionally connected and want very much to continue to cohabit and have sex. But if +Barron held the Catholic faith whole and entire, he would tell Kelley in no uncertain terms that she and her “civil spouse” MUST cease masquerading as husband and wife. No more sex, and in all likelihood no more cohabiting – as the temptation and scandal would be too much. If Kelley wants to receive Holy Communion as she says, through her tears, if she REALLY wants to be in full communion with the One True Church, then she MUST amend her adulterous lifestyle AND publicly repent of having thrice committed the mortal sin of IVF and all of the corollary sins that go along with it. If she TRULY does love the man she is now civilly married to, then her primary and overriding concern MUST be for the fate of HIS ETERNAL SOUL, and for her own. Leaving the One True Church will not change the reality of her situation or the standards by which she will be judged. Megyn Kelley’s desires and beliefs are NOT the standard and arbiter of Truth. Our Lord Jesus Christ is.

Isn’t it sad and sick that NO ONE will tell this woman the truth, most especially the effeminate Bishop Robert Barron, clearly obsessed with human respect, and likely with the financial success that comes from worldly popularity, as he obviously is.

Pray for Megyn Kelley, her very likely valid “first” husband, her adulterous “civil spouse”, their three children that have been put in the middle of this tragic moral morass, and for +Barron and all the clergy whose priesthoods and episcopacies are abject public failures. And pray for the countless millions of people who are in pretty much exactly the same predicament that Kelley is in. The number of abandoned and/or abandoning spouses who recognize the lie of civil divorce, much less the lie of so many ‘c’atholic “annulments” passed out like so much candy by the Freemason-sodomite infiltrators of The Church today, and realize what is going on and continue to honor their valid, indissoluble marriage vows is terrifyingly small. Pray that these people find true shepherds that help them to get their lives back on the moral track, so that they may confess their sins, amend their lives, and someday achieve the Beatific Vision.

I hope this helps. If this piece angers you, as it will many, due to your own circumstances or the circumstances of loved ones, and you decide that you hate me personally – I’M TOTALLY FINE WITH THAT. At least the seed of Truth has been planted. All that matters is whether or not you reach the Beatific Vision. Anyone’s opinion of me personally is utterly irrelevant to that, and is really none of my business. If we both make it to the Beatific Vision, you can buy me a proverbial drink. There are no hard feelings in heaven.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.