Barnhardt Podcast #203: Nurse Claire on the Mortal Sin of IVF

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In this episode, Nurse Claire checks in with an on-the-ground update, and sadly, the news is grim; hospitals filled with vaxx injured, and unvaxxed patients are so rare that they’re now referred to as “unicorns”. Then, we attack the topic of In Vitro Fertilization and break down how this grotesque process is just one long series of mortal sins from beginning to unresolvable end – which would seem to preclude the possibility of IVF being a “right”, contrary to the latest propaganda from both the political “left” and the “right”. “Brave New World” is now a reference manual.

Links, Reading, and Video:

NurseClaireSays: The GOP finds itself in a conundrum
Build-a-Baby Video
Alabama Supreme Court Personhood of Embryos decision
Satanic IVF firm “Mate” specializing in trafficking children to sodomites
Trump all-in on IVF
Bipartisan IVF support
“Brave New World”

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