Mis-lived Lives and Un-manned Men

“Is not ours an age of mis-lived lives, of un-manned men?


Because Jesus Christ has disappeared.

Wherever the people are true Christians, there are men to be found in large numbers, but everywhere and always, if Christianity wilts, the men wilt. Look closely, they are no longer men but shadows of men.

Thus what do you hear on all sides today? The world is dwindling away, for lack of men; the nations are perishing for scarcity of men, for the rareness of men.

I do believe: there are no men where there is no character; there is no character where there are no principles, doctrines, stands taken; there are no stands taken, no doctrines, no principles, where there is no religious faith and consequently no religion of society.

Do what you will: only from God you will get men.”

Cardinal Pie, ARSH 1815-1880


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.