Any civilization stupid enough to fall for a “vaccine” for a disease that DOESN’T PUBLICLY EXIST forfeits its own existence. Bonus: If it’s Boeing, I’m not going.

I will say this: I’m traveling today, and everyone is sick – standard cold season crud – and not a Masonic submission burqa in sight. Everyone is sick and everyone knows everyone is sick, and you’d never know ARSH 2020-2022 ever happened.

So I am VERY cautiously optimistic that the forthcoming death injection already being advertised by the mainstream news media for a plague that does not yet publicly exist will be JUST a bit too much, even for Boobus Post-Christianus.

And, if you haven’t been keeping up with Dr. John Campbell, yes, excess deaths are still running in the TEENS above average (statistically impossible to call random)… except in Hungary, where the death injections were never marketed. Hungary’s excess death rate is running at zero, statistically. Funny that.

Remember, this population culling is aimed at drastically reducing the unfunded liabilities line on the global balance sheet (social security, Medicare, pensions and their non-US equivalents). Knocking 15-25 years off of the average life expectancy, essentially making sure people die BEFORE they reach retirement/Social Security/Medicare age, knocks TRILLIONS off the balance sheet.

What they’ll keep doing is creating and releasing ever-more virulent viruses in order to maintain voluntary demand for these toxic, life-truncating (and sterilizing) injections.

Unless, of course, someone actually does something about it.

On a related happy note: between the mass poisoning of the pool of skilled pilots, the demise of Boeing (outsourcing essential computer code writing and testing to $9 per hour slaves in Hindustan – new saying: “If it’s Boeing, I’m not going”), and the major airlines commitment to NOT hiring white men at any cost, my advice would be to do any trans-oceanic travel that you want to do sooner rather than later. Or, be prepared to pay for round trip passage to Europe on the Queen Mary 2. I’m bullish Cunard. Methinks taking a week to cross the North Atlantic each way, as opposed to seven hours in a shoddily designed and constructed aluminum tube with glitchy software, piloted by Captain SheNayNay and First Officer Tyqueesha (they/them) will start to look shockingly attractive again here pert’quick.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.