Action Item for actual Catholic priests and deacons: When Antipope Bergoglio and Tucho Fernandez’ flying monkey faggots ask for a “blessing” of their sodomy, here’s your prayer…

Shamelessly lifted from Fr. Z who shamelessly lifted from his friend Fr. Cliff Ermatinger, the author. If I were a priest or deacon, anticipating the pre-planned ambushes which WILL HAPPEN, I’d carry this in my wallet. This is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT:

May Our Lord’s voice, which has been squelched in your conscience by the blindness of disordered passions and the insanity of sin, finally break through and be heard so that you cease your sodomitical ways and live the virtue of chastity and the life of grace, doing penance for your sins, and regaining the dignity He conferred upon you in your baptism. Amen.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.