Christmas Cheer: All Sodomites Died When Our Lord Was Born

(I firmly resolved to NOT have any discussion of sodomy in this space over Christmas, but now it’s time to resume the war. Let’s start with this reminder, which should fill us with great hope and consolation. Let it also remind us – and this is very important for all of us – that up until just recently, sodomy and sodomites were so rare that the very concept was rarely if ever discussed. Many people lived their entire lives never knowing that the sins of Sodom even existed. And yes, every sodomite on earth could have been smote by God without causing any upheaval because there were SO FEW. We MUST remind ourselves that this state of total cultural saturation with sodomy, transvestitism, perversion and sexual depravity is wildly anomalous and in no way normal. Civilization WILL revert to a default baseline chastity, or civilization will cease to exist. The world has cancer: sodomy. Don’t let the enemy convince you that the cancer is normal. -AB)

All Sodomites Died When Our Lord Was Born

In a sermon at the Church of Saint Mary of Porciuncula, St. Bonaventure spoke about the miracles that took place at the very moment of the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The seventh prodigy was the killing of all sodomites to rid the world of this sin against nature and make it more worthy for the One Who is Purity itself.

This action corresponds to the ire of God when he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and projects a serious perspective for modern countries that support homosexuality.

All sodomites, men and women, died all over the earth, as Saint Jerome said commenting on the verse Lux orta est iusto [The light was born for the just] (Ps 96:11). This was to make it clear that He [Jesus Christ] was born to reform nature and to promote chastity.

St. Bonaventure, Sermon 21 – In Nativitate Domini, apud Catolicismo, December 1987, p. 3

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Behold, Purity Itself, incarnate.

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