Christmas Mailbag: Welcome Back Edition


This Christmas is going to be a joyous one for me because, much to my shame which the Lord has forgiven and to my exceeding joy, I went to Confession and Mass today for the first time since March 2020.

All the diabolical lockdowns we had here meant that my – til then – routine of Sunday Mass and at least monthly confession were broken and I struggled to return.

Last night I prayed with tears to St. Joseph, to whom I’m consecrated, and begged him to perform a miracle and get me to Mass and Confession. I wanted to have the great gift of having sanctifying grace in me again and to receive the Eucharist as a sign of the Lord being reborn in me. And so this morning, I finally got to the Latin Mass and went to Confession during Mass (as the Fathers hold Confession right up to the Consecration) and I went in right after the Creed and made my humble Confession.

I can’t express the peace I got at the words that the Lord Jesus said to me through His priest. He confirmed that He’d never abandoned me even as I had, shamefully, abandoned Him in the Sacraments. And He said, through His priest, “Welcome back”.

I almost cried when I received Holy Communion. It felt like seeing a friend after a long time. After Mass I got some holy water, went to Our Lady to thank her also (as I know she was also involved) and also went to St. Peter, and begged him to end the Antipapacy. Incidentally, the priest used his homily to talk about that piece of apostasy “Fiducia Supplicans” and pretty much rinsed the Vatican and the document and said the Fathers there won’t be blessing sodomy at all!

I’m planning to ONLY attend the Latin Mass and not that other thing. I’ve had it with Modernism and Vatican II. The sooner that excuse of a Council is reduced to an asterisk, the better.

Anyway, I wish you a very happy, merry, and Christ-filled Christmas. Thank you for all you do for Christ and His Church (and for my sanity).


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