Barnhardt Podcast now posted on Rumble!

Cool! Thanks, Supernerd!

P.S. The Part 3 Antipapacy video IS RECORDED, thanks be to God. It should be just about two hours and twenty minutes, and I felt like I left a lot of stuff out, and probably could have lectured for another hour. There are a couple of edits, but it should drop within the week. Thank you all for your good prayers. Truly. I pray that this video will help just one person. If it does that, it will be totally worth it.

Once again, I’m filled with stupefied gratitude that WE get to live in these times and fight this fight. How could it possibly be that WE have been so favored by the Divine Providence to have been given this opportunity? I’m not squandering this, hamfisted though my efforts may be.

Here’s Barnhardt Podcast #198 on Rumble. Enjoy.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.