Columbus Day reminder to thank God Almighty for the first glorious Colonization, Proselytization and Conversion of the Americas

I put “first” in the title, because it is going to have to be done again.

One of the things that you hear from the New World Order cabal and Antipope Bergoglio is that one of the worst things to ever happen was the conversion of the Americas, specifically the Spanish conquest of the Americas, but now also the abject hoaxes that Antipope Bergoglio gleefully participates in about Catholic orphanages slaughtering eskimo and indian children in Canada. Here’s a bit of history that the Marxist education system has completely edited out of the book.

I, along with the reader who sent this to me, had always assumed that the family of the Aztec Emperor Montezuma was killed by the Spanish, namely Hernan Cortes, in order to keep the Aztecs from rallying to them and trying to re-establish the Aztec throne with his children. Montezuma did die, but it is unclear HOW he died. Admittedly, Cortes may have had him killed, but there are also accounts of Montezuma being stoned to death by his own people AND accounts of Montezuma starving himself to death. We just don’t know.

What we do know for a metaphysical certitude is what happened to Montezuma’s children – and brace yourself because this is going to be a shocker. They all converted to Catholicism, and were quickly created titular Spanish royalty by the King of Spain. Not only were Montezuma’s children and grandchildren not killed, but they were recognized and respected as royalty and integrated into the Spanish Royal caste as Dukes, Duchesses, Counts and Countesses. They then relocated to Spain and married other Spanish royalty, and their lines and titular houses exist to this day, with those houses receiving pensions all the way up until ARSH 1934.

The crest of the House of Moctezuma.

The crest of the House of Moctezuma.

What this shows is the amazing respect that the Spanish had for the people that they encountered in the Americas, DESPITE the horrific pagan atrocities that the Spanish encountered. The Spanish must have been utterly revolted at what they found in the Aztec culture, but STILL RECOGNIZED THE HUMANITY of the Aztecs. And yes, I do attribute this to the fact that the Spanish were working under the auspices of the Church, and the most important aspect their mission was to spread the Gospel to the peoples of the Americas. They didn’t view the Aztecs as sub-human. They viewed them as a pagan people that Christ Himself longed to have integrated into His Body.  And you know what?  MISSION. ACCOMPLISHED.

I am always shocked by how many Christians, falling for the Marxist propaganda of the last 60 years, LAMENT that the Latin American pagan cultures were converted to Christianity. This betrays the fact that most modern Christians really don’t believe in Christ or the Gospel deep down. How could a believing Christian LAMENT souls entering the Body of Christ? Furthermore, look at the Aztec, Maya and Inca cultures themselves. They were absolutely horrific. The amount of human sacrifice was massive. Life-or-death sporting events were also very common. Are we really so brainwashed by Marxist propaganda that we believe that the world would be a better place if such horrors were never exterminated and continued to this day – because ANYTHING is better than Christianity? Really? Every Christian should regularly offer prayers of Thanksgiving to Our Lord for the conversion of Latin America which began with Columbus’ expedition, the joy of many millions of people coming to know Christ and hear the Gospel, and for the extermination of the horrendous, satanic culture of human sacrifice that was swept away – may it never, ever return.

Oh… wait.

Gloria Steinem flashing the Triangle of Manifestation gang signal of satanism. Remember, public manifestation is always eventually required of satanists.

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