Another Sin-Nod, another demon takes up residence in the occupied Vatican: Cindy McCain gives Antipope Bergoglio a demon that eats children and murders priests.

Subtitle: Yeah, all that bunk about the elites being satanists is just plain CRAZYTALK!! Not.

Before reading this, keep in mind that October 4th was the four year anniversary of the worship of the Nacho-Mama demon in the Vatican Gardens, and today, October 7th, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, is the four year anniversary of the ceremonial installation/enthronement of the Nacho-Mama demon by a witch and Antipope Bergoglio upon the high altar of St. Peter’s Basilica at the offertory, where it remained for the duration of the Mass, including the consecration. ON. THE. ALTAR. This is why St. Peter’s Basilica MUST be exorcized and reconsecrated… if it isn’t somehow destroyed first.

And need I remind the readership what happened soon after? Remember the largest crime against humanity by orders of magnitude? The house arrest of the entire human race? The Masonic burqa? THE COERCED POISON STERILANT INJECTIONS DESIGNED TO KILL OFF 90% OF THE HUMAN RACE? The banning and near-total cessation of the worship of God? Yeah…

So John McCain’s widow concubine (they weren’t validly married on multiple counts if you read the rather sordid bio) Cindy, who is all-in on the New World Order cult, slithered into the Vatican and gave Antipope Bergoglio a statue of a Hopi demon that eats children and is holding a bloody knife. Why, the gentle reader might ask, is the knife bloody? Well, from murdering a Franciscan priest and destroying a mission church, of course! So Cindy McCain, or at least her handlers in the satanic coven, did their research on this one in picking out a perfect “gift”, RICH with meaning for Antipope Bergoglio.

So, I guess the Nacho-Mama demon has a boyfriend now. In addition to Bergoglio, of course. Monogamy is SO rigid and backwardist, after all.

The demon is a “Kachina”, and this specific demon is referred to as Chaveyo or Nata-aska, or “black ogre”.

Screen cap of the demon from Vatican News.



Here is video of the ceremony.

Here is an image of the demon murdering the Franciscan priest – which warms Antipope Bergoglio’s heart, because that filthy proselytizing colonizer deserved it, right?

You can read about this demon at the following links:,real%20world”%20(2).&text=believed%20to%20be%20the%20manifestation,beings%20represented%20by%20the%20masks.&text=The%20mask%2C%20as%20the%20focal,and%20power%20of%20its%20own.

At the dergipark link just above, for the “you gotta be kidding me but why am I not surprised” file, we find this:

10. The presence of Mickey Mouse—an icon of American popular culture—as a Kachina reveals an underlying feature of the Kachina cult. Accordingly, if the Kachina cult has remained the same for centuries, enabling the Hopi who observe it to remain the same, this has been achieved by sometimes adapting to innovations, rather than remaining static. A Kachina can lose popularity and disappear from the repertory, but it is replaced by a newly introduced one as result of individual dreams or by borrowing from other Pueblos or non- Pueblos. Bertha Dutton finds that the cow, the sheep, and the horse, introduced to the Southwest by Spaniards, have come to be represented by Kachinas; more recently, Mickey Mouse has been portrayed (51). Thus, continuity is achieved and the cult is preserved. The innovations, the subtle changes in practice, and the material adjustments that have been incorporated in the ritual and have been included in the ceremonies, have not destroyed the
integrity of Kachina religion and its value.

The flagrant, open manifestation of satanism is accelerating at full throttle. STAY CONFESSED. PRAY THE ROSARY. HOLD THE LINE.



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