Mailbag: Covid, Miscarriage; Covid, Ivermectin, full-term baby


I just read your post on ivermectin and small children and I wanted to share just so you could counsel others if they email you.

I miscarried a baby in February 2022, likely because of blood and placenta issues due to the bout of Covid I had at the end of January 2022. At the time, I had chosen not to dose myself with ivermectin because there weren’t any studies proving it’s safety (though there are a lot a lot of doses being given to unaware pregnant women throughout Africa and a study was done on babies that unknowingly received a dose of ivermectin in utero and there have never been any side effects reported).

After losing that baby, I promised myself I would dose myself with ivermectin in pregnancy going forward. I had Covid again this February, while three months pregnant and did give myself three doses of ivermectin to quell symptoms and basically kill the coof.

I am due to give birth to that baby any day. I will forevermore suggest ivermectin for pregnant women (and I do have a lot of friends in the thick of their fertile years at the moment).

God bless you,

Mrs. G

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