Maui Fire Video: Police blocking roads and preventing escape. But, watch and be edified by these two young men, Noah and Milo. Their solidity and calm masculinity will give you hope for the future. #LanguageAlert

Didn’t expect this. Two young Hawaiian lads fled with their mother and documented everything. It ends with them standing in the ocean, chest deep, with their shirts over their intakes (which is absolutely what one should do in a fire situation – particulate smoke is huge).

These two very young men are the rarest of things today among their cohort: they are ADMIRABLE.

Well done, lads. I hope and pray this act of evil proves to be a pivot point, and perhaps even “the making of the man” in earthly terms. So many great men are forged in the fire of disaster and/or war, and this event was clearly both.

Prayers for Noah, Milo, their Mom, and all Hawaiians of good will (bonae voluntátis).

LANGUAGE ALERT HERE, FOLKS. THESE PEOPLE ALMOST BURNED ALIVE. But isn’t it interesting that people, when situations get real, instinctively call upon the name of The Lord. With perfect piety? Of course not. I’m not arguing that they did. But still His Holy Name was on their lips as they faced death. And I really think that there is something deeper to that than mere violation of the Second Commandment. At least, I’m willing to PRAY that this is the case. I’m reminded of what we silently recite at the end of every Mass the opening of St. John’s Gospel, especially as they were enveloped in smoke.

in Him was life, and the life was the Light of men; and the Light shineth in darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

In ipso vita erat, et vita erat lux hóminum: et lux in ténebris lucet, et ténebræ eam non comprehendérunt.

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