For those of us who showed up fashionably late, a lesson in how fast culture tanked concurrent with Vatican II and the attack on the Mass

Our window here is ARSH 1958-1968, just to make it an even decade.

The first video is from the 19 part serial “Annette” which aired every afternoon as a segment of the Mickey Mouse Club. Each installment was ten minutes long, and thus the whole serial ran over four weeks in February and March of ARSH 1958. Other such serials on the Mickey Mouse Club were “The Adventures of Spin and Marty” and “The Hardy Boys”. In watching the entire serial, what is most fascinating are the comments on YouTube by people who were kids and lived through the 1950s. They all agree that YES, LIFE REALLY WAS LIKE THIS. This isn’t an idealized Disney fantasy world. Kids really did comport themselves like this, address each other and adults like this, engage in social and recreational activities like this, sing and dance together like this, dress in suits and semi-formal dresses to visit a friend’s home in the evening, etc.

But what is even more stunning is that the people living through that era as kids report that to a certain extent they KNEW that they were living through a remarkable time, and that they could appreciate, even as children and in the moment, that they were dwelling inside a bubble of civility that was special and likely wouldn’t last.

The next video is from only ten years later – stop and think of ARSH 2013 and how “close” it seems, and then consider the sheer violence of going from “Annette” to… shrieking drug-addled lesbians. And the truth is, this is a fairly mild example. At least Joplin was wearing clothes. Note also the hellish, demonic-sounding dissonance of the electric guitar in the opening bars, later recalled in Joplin’s vocals. Also for reference, Annette Funicello was 89 days older than Janis Joplin. They were almost exactly the same age.

It is no coincidence whatsoever that this broad spectrum societal nosedive occurred at exactly the same time as the failed Second Vatican Council and the advent of the Novus Ordo Mass. There is a direct cause and effect dynamic. The one-two punch of Vatican II and the Novus Ordo was a shot of nitrous oxide into the intake manifold of satan’s war machine.

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