Yes, I’ve seen the alleged “vision” of Pope Benedict thing from the “Franciscan Sister in Colombia”, and it’s the most obviously fake and ridiculous thing I’ve read in ages.

Folks, we HAVE to do better at discerning the veracity and credibility of things we see on the internet. Seriously. It is terrifying to me how many people, still, at long last, will believe any piece of abject nonsense that lands on their screen.

This ridiculous “Locution of Pope Benedict” scam is the latest, and may I say the most obviously fake example of this I’ve seen in a while. My inbox has been inundated with glowing, fawning, “Oh, Ann, have you seen this wooooonderful apparition of Pope Benedict…?”

And I just shake my head.

Folks, did you actually READ it? And if so, did you then think logically about it?

I refuse to link to it, but I suspect most of you by now have seen it. So let’s just go through a few points:

-People who have actual visions are TERRIFIED and only talk about them to their confessor and/or spiritual director in secrecy, because a normal, honest, sane person would instantly suspect either some sort of brain malady (like a tumor or perhaps a degenerative encephalopathy) causing hallucinations, OR demonic tricks. People who come up with fake “visions” start running their mouths publicly immediately.

-If we are to believe that this Franciscan Nun in Colombia actually transcribed the words of Pope Benedict, that would mean that A.) Pope Benedict is in the Beatific Vision after abandoning his flock and sitting silent for TEN YEARS as Antipope Bergoglio waged total war on Jesus Christ, His Holy Church, and on humanity. Really? 100 days in Purgatory for making the biggest mistake of cowardice in the 2000 year history of the Papacy? And B.) that upon entering the Beatific Vision, Pope Benedict lost 65 IQ points and started speaking like… a woman of middling-at-best intelligence? REALLY???

-Speaking of stupid, why does this Franciscan sister in Colombia have Pope Benedict saying that he was “the last living Pope”, but then consistently referring to Antipope Bergoglio as “Pope Francis”?

-This clearly hysterical fantasist also explicitly accuses +Georg Ganswein of the first degree murder of Pope Benedict with complete malice by lethal injection. Now, I don’t trust +Ganswein any further than I can throw him by his eyebrows, but this woman, this “Franciscan sister in Colombia” is almost certainly guilty of mortally sinful calumny. Pope Benedict died of kidney failure, and it was obvious from the final pictures of him wherein his feet and ankles were swollen like redwood trunks. So, any of you who have passed around this clearly, obviously fake “vision” with its almost certainly calumnious accusation of +Ganswein injecting Pope Benedict with poison while sneering in his face with zero evidence had better send out a “mea culpa” to everyone you sent it to, and then RUN, not walk, to the nearest confessional. That’s my advice.

-Again, back to the logic and common sense angle. So do we ACTUALLY believe that Pope Benedict’s Grand Plan was to fake quit and then sit and watch for TEN YEARS as a man he knew and believed to be an Antipope systematically proverbially beat and raped the Bride of Christ without saying a word, and then die without saying a word to reveal his “Grand Plan” expecting to enter The Beatific Vision immediately, and THEN to spill the beans to a Franciscan sister in Colombia in a rambling, feminine, mid-witted, internally contradictory monologue so that she could then put it on a BLOG? THAT’S the GRAND PLAN???

And we believe this abject stupidity for even a fraction of a nanosecond?

We believe THAT nonsense, but not that Pope Benedict, after a lifetime of writing and publishing about the need to “fundamentally transform and demythologize the Papacy” in order to make it “relevant in a modern, democratized world” attempted to partially resign only the “ministry of the active governance of the Church”, and thus was obviously in SUBSTANTIAL ERROR, rendering his attempted partial resignation totally invalid BY THE LAW ITSELF, namely Canons 188 and 332.2.

THIS is why we have been railing against the imbecilic “Ratzinger Code” nonsense, and the people pushing this obvious fantasy: because now we have some woman in Colombia repeating their ridiculous talking points in some hysterical bid to be a “visionary”. This is also why women who are anywhere near, within or post-menopause should NEVER be given any credence in such claims of “visions” without massive, thorough, authoritative investigation and confirmation, and EVEN THEN with extreme caution. Women, especially, are extremely susceptible to “pious lying”, and then, as most men can testify, of actually convincing themselves of and believing their own lies and fantasies. This situation is clearly a case of “pious lying” AT BEST, or at worst a malicious attempt at discrediting those of us desperately trying to sound the alarm that Pope Benedict never validly resigned per Canon Law due to SUBSTANTIAL ERROR, and thus Bergoglio is an Antipope. And the worst case wouldn’t surprise me at all, if true.

Literally, for the Love of God and His Holy Church, stop spreading this embarrassingly obvious “Franciscan Sister in Colombia vision of Pope Benedict” fraud and almost certain calumny of +Ganswein. Please.

I hope this helps.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us and on Your Holy Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation.

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