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Stickypost for a Minute: Personal Update – Moving Daze


It’s been a while since I’ve given any sort of personal update. As I have mentioned previously, I am moving the proverbial “Van Down by the River”, and moving day fast approaches. I’ve been in the same “parking spot” for 6.5 years, but the winds have changed and it is definitely time to go. My primary motive for moving is UNFETTERED AND UNINTERRUPTED ACCESS TO THE MASS AND SACRAMENTS IN THE VENERABLE GREGORIAN RITE. Where I am going, the Mass will NOT be changed or altered, and can only be stopped – literally – by men with guns. After every Mass, one of my prayer petitions for YEARS has been, “May I always be able to accurately see and recognize the One True Church, visible in terrifying eclipse, and keep me within easy walking distance of daily Mass in the Gregorian Rite.” Our Lord has answered my prayer, and done it in advance of any possible liturgical wars that might unfold in the coming weeks and months. I am beautifully PRE-positioned for perfect continuity. There will be no scrambling.

Secondarily, as has happened to me multiple times now, Our Lord positively rolled out the red carpet for me – and when He rolls out the red carpet for you, WALK IT. No angst, no drama, no second-guessing. Just do it, trust in the Divine Providence, in fact, ABANDON YOURSELF to the Divine Providence, and everything will be more than fine. As we hear at the conclusion of each meditation in the Stations of the Cross by St. Alphonsus Ligouri, “Grant that I may love Thee always, and then do with me what Thou wilt.” Say it, mean it, live it.

Thirdly, the place that I am moving into is old construction that has been totally remodeled and is perfectly suited to SURVIVABILITY. The building can be functional WITHOUT PUBLIC GRID ELECTRICITY, and has zero natural gas. Wood can service almost everything. It also has considerable defended space with highly fertile soil and sunlight. It’s time, folks. It’s time.

Fourth, my monthly outlays for rent are actually going to be slightly reduced as I move from an urban setting back to a quasi-rural setting, which will be most welcome right now, as I’m sure we all agree.

So, I’m in hardcore packing mode right now. It actually feels really good to purge old stuff, give stuff away (I’ve given tons of decades-old clothes away as I’m now all about the 1950s dresses that I’ve mentioned here recently), and contemplating WHY I put all of that JUNK in drawers over the years. As in literal trash. Why do we do this? Why do we save garbage? It seems very allegorical, somehow.

I’m not sure if the WiFi will be up and running when I arrive at the new place, but I will definitely be able to post to the blog using 4G signal through my phone. So blog posts will continue, but we probably won’t record Barnhardt Podcast 189 until after I’m settled and the WiFi in the house is on. Speaking of which, thanks to the podcast listeners who email in with kind requests for “the next episode”. I was saying to Nurse Claire the other day that it STILL, after nearly six years, doesn’t fully sink in that thousands and thousands of people genuinely enjoy Supernerd and me sitting around and shootin’ the breeze. I’m flattered and grateful.

SPEAKING OF GRATITUDE, I don’t say “thank you” as much as I should because I just hate bringing up money at all. It’s so CRINGE, as the kids say. I’ll never get used to the whole “donation” paradigm, and I still pray for some sort of situation to develop such that I can take the donation button down forever. But, that’s in the hands of the Infant Jesus of Prague, who is in charge of my finances. For now, the donation button must remain. I have the moving costs in hand and safely secured in a mayonnaise jar. I went ahead and hired pros to do it, plus I get a ride in the truck to the new place, which is huge since I no longer mess with owning cars. Right now my priority in terms of finances is to pre-pay as much rent as possible (I’d like to be at least six-months forward on rent) AND to stack as much cash as possible. I know it’s just a matter of time before I am totally canceled from being able to engage in any mainstream financial transactions. Read my thoughts on sodomy lately? Yeah….

Eleven years ago when I quit the futures brokerage business, I wasn’t exactly worried about my future (I’m not a big worrier no matter what), but I had absolutely no idea how good my life was about to get, especially given a 95% reduction in income. Yes, you read that right – a 95% reduction. It’s too soon to “release the memoirs”, but as I have said before, I’m quite sure that I have one of the highest qualities of life of anyone on earth today, and that includes, perhaps most especially, during the two years of de facto house arrest. When the memoirs are published, you’ll want to skip directly to the chapter on “Holy Week of ARSH 2020” and read that first. And it is all due to the astounding and consistent munificence of YOU, the readers and listeners of the Barnhardt blog and Podcast.

Money is a proxy for man’s capacity to labor, produce and create through time. Every dollar that comes into my hand from you is a piece of your life, and piece of your time, a piece of your labor, a piece of your talent, A PIECE OF YOUR HEART. Instead of directing that to your family, your friends, or your neighbors, you are freely choosing to give a piece of yourself to me, who is for the vast majority of you, a stranger that you will never meet in person on this earth. And you are moved to do this just because I talk on the internet. It’s absolutely mind-blowing. No one owes me anything, I am entitled to absolutely nothing. Speaking obvious truths and doing the right thing is NOT heroic – it is baseline human behavior. I have made my choices in life, made my proverbial bed to sleep in, and anything I receive from you is completely gratuitous.

What thanks can I give? I can only think of two things: to have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered daily for my benefactors and supporters for as long as I live, and the commitment to keep going here on the blog and on the Podcast for as long as physically possible. When the internet goes away, or I get tossed in a gulag, well, so be it. Thanks to you, I will have had one heckuva run. Hopefully the Ivermectin dosage tables and other things are sufficiently dispersed to not require my survival online.

All I can say is, Thank You. Including to my enemies and people who have decided that they hate me, for whatever various and sundry reasons. I pray for my enemies every day, and once you’re on the Barnhardt donor-supporter list, you’re there forever, no matter what. Nobody gets scratched, ever. Nobody.

Now, I need to go to buy some boxes and bubble wrap. May God, from whom all blessing flow, bless you and keep you and yours.

In Christo Mariaque-


“Mistakes Were NOT Made.”

On Servile Fear, Filial Fear and Meekness

This clip is very instructive and clearly shows three concepts that most people are very, very fuzzy on.  The first is SERVILE FEAR.  Now notice at the 0:45 mark, the Father takes off his belt and puts it on the table as he declares “Now we’re not raising any sheep in this family, and I WILL WHUP YOUR ASS if you turn into a wolf.”  Were you taken aback at that?  Did that rub you the wrong way?  It probably did many of you.  Do you know why?  Because we have all been trained to hate and despise masculine strength and to consider as “evil” anything that inspires or elicits SERVILE FEAR. In short, we have been inculcated to believe the lie that ALL SERVILE FEAR IS BAD.

Do you see in the video clip how the boys are startled and wide-eyed with SERVILE FEAR of their father when he makes it perfectly clear that THERE WILL BE SWIFT, SEVERE CONSEQUENCES for bad behavior – both the weakness of “the sheep”, and ESPECIALLY the evil of “the Wolves”, which will call down an ass-whupping?  This is a good and beautiful thing to see.  This is the Father DOING HIS JOB. The father is STRONG and POTENT.  The father WILL PUNISH bad behavior. The boys know this, understand this, and RESPECT THIS.  The boys recognize the strength and AUTHORITY of their father.  The boys have a very healthy and good SERVILE FEAR of their Father.

Now, look again at the 0:52-0:55 mark.  This is actually really cool.  This is where the mother simply says her husband’s name: “Wayne….”

What we see here is a wife calling her husband to MEEKNESS. “Meek” is one of the most mistakenly-defined words in the English language.  If you stopped 100 average Americans on the street and asked them what the word “meek” meant, I think north of 95 of them would say “weak” or something similar.  This is 100% incorrect.  MEEKNESS is POWER UNDER CONTROL.

Look at the video clip.  That is EXACTLY what we see.  The wife, complimentary helpmate to her husband, with just the utterance of her husband’s name calls him to MEEKNESS – that is, to keep his power, his strength UNDER CONTROL, and you can see the father physically check and contain his potency without losing or reducing it in any way. In fact, his meekness only augments and points up his strength and potency.  Absolutely beautiful.

Finally, we see in the eyes of both of the boys the love and respect they have for their father, and their desire to be good in his eyes, to make him proud, to be good for his sake.  Note how even while the boys just a few seconds before jumped in servile fear of their father, they continue to look him dead in the eye, and look him in the eye when they answer his questions.  The younger son answers his father with a genuinely respectful, “Yessir”, and then the older son answers his father with a nod, looking him dead in the eye.  This is FILIAL FEAR.  Because their father is a strong man, a meek man, and a highly moral man, they boys respect him and thus LOVE HIM, and do not want to disappoint him because to disappoint him would hurt him deeply, and they know it, and can’t stand the thought of letting him down.

Is it any wonder that masculinity, potency, virility, fatherhood, and the headship of the domestic church held by the husband and father has been and continues to be under such ruthless, relentless attack? The only thing “toxic” in today’s male culture is EFFEMINACY and MORAL IMPOTENCY.

If you would like to read more about these concepts as they apply to our relationship with God, might I recommend “THE ONE ABOUT… FEAR OF THE LORD“.

I hope this helps.

Barnhardt Podcast #188: Substantial Air

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In this episode we discuss the antics of the FBI and media: two essential organizations of the deep state which haven’t been trustworthy for over 70 years (if ever). We also addressed three listener questions while drifting among myriad tangents and verbally contemplating on the eternal King of the Hill, who draws all souls to Himself.

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Since it’s an inevitability, a quick matrix of what sacreligious Masses are valid.

First, one should NEVER remain present for a Mass with a woman, or a man in drag or a woman in drag on the altar. Just getting that obvious point out of the way.

A Mass offered by a woman (a “lady priest”) is always 100% invalid. It is metaphysically impossible for a woman to be ordained to ANYTHING, and it is completely impossible for a woman to confect the Eucharist. Completely, totally impossible, now and forever. For a woman to attempt to ape the Mass like this is WILDLY sacrilegious, and the woman would obviously be automatically excommunicated.

A woman masquerading in drag as a man can never be validly ordained. See previous paragraph.

A Mass in which a previously validly ordained priest dressed in drag, masquerading as a woman or anything other than a man, confects the Eucharist using the valid words of consecration and intending to confect the Eucharist, would validly confect the Eucharist- BUT it would be sacrilegious on the level of a Satanic Black Mass.

It will be interesting to see how Satan plays this: will he push for invalidating the Mass entirely by having the Bergoglian Antichurch attempt to change the words of consecration, OR will satan and his minions keep the Mass validly consecrated, but with validly ordained priests masquerading as women doing the consecration and thus torturing Our Blessed Lord all the more?

We shall see… and sooner than we think, I imagine.

This is the American Jesuit faggot (but I repeat myself) priest, Fr. Robert Ballecer, who has been flirting with public drag for quite a while. I’m sure he is EXTREMELY popular in Rome, and his career track is guaranteed to be high and fast.