On Servile Fear, Filial Fear and Meekness

This clip is very instructive and clearly shows three concepts that most people are very, very fuzzy on.  The first is SERVILE FEAR.  Now notice at the 0:45 mark, the Father takes off his belt and puts it on the table as he declares “Now we’re not raising any sheep in this family, and I WILL WHUP YOUR ASS if you turn into a wolf.”  Were you taken aback at that?  Did that rub you the wrong way?  It probably did many of you.  Do you know why?  Because we have all been trained to hate and despise masculine strength and to consider as “evil” anything that inspires or elicits SERVILE FEAR. In short, we have been inculcated to believe the lie that ALL SERVILE FEAR IS BAD.

Do you see in the video clip how the boys are startled and wide-eyed with SERVILE FEAR of their father when he makes it perfectly clear that THERE WILL BE SWIFT, SEVERE CONSEQUENCES for bad behavior – both the weakness of “the sheep”, and ESPECIALLY the evil of “the Wolves”, which will call down an ass-whupping?  This is a good and beautiful thing to see.  This is the Father DOING HIS JOB. The father is STRONG and POTENT.  The father WILL PUNISH bad behavior. The boys know this, understand this, and RESPECT THIS.  The boys recognize the strength and AUTHORITY of their father.  The boys have a very healthy and good SERVILE FEAR of their Father.

Now, look again at the 0:52-0:55 mark.  This is actually really cool.  This is where the mother simply says her husband’s name: “Wayne….”

What we see here is a wife calling her husband to MEEKNESS. “Meek” is one of the most mistakenly-defined words in the English language.  If you stopped 100 average Americans on the street and asked them what the word “meek” meant, I think north of 95 of them would say “weak” or something similar.  This is 100% incorrect.  MEEKNESS is POWER UNDER CONTROL.

Look at the video clip.  That is EXACTLY what we see.  The wife, complimentary helpmate to her husband, with just the utterance of her husband’s name calls him to MEEKNESS – that is, to keep his power, his strength UNDER CONTROL, and you can see the father physically check and contain his potency without losing or reducing it in any way. In fact, his meekness only augments and points up his strength and potency.  Absolutely beautiful.

Finally, we see in the eyes of both of the boys the love and respect they have for their father, and their desire to be good in his eyes, to make him proud, to be good for his sake.  Note how even while the boys just a few seconds before jumped in servile fear of their father, they continue to look him dead in the eye, and look him in the eye when they answer his questions.  The younger son answers his father with a genuinely respectful, “Yessir”, and then the older son answers his father with a nod, looking him dead in the eye.  This is FILIAL FEAR.  Because their father is a strong man, a meek man, and a highly moral man, they boys respect him and thus LOVE HIM, and do not want to disappoint him because to disappoint him would hurt him deeply, and they know it, and can’t stand the thought of letting him down.

Is it any wonder that masculinity, potency, virility, fatherhood, and the headship of the domestic church held by the husband and father has been and continues to be under such ruthless, relentless attack? The only thing “toxic” in today’s male culture is EFFEMINACY and MORAL IMPOTENCY.

If you would like to read more about these concepts as they apply to our relationship with God, might I recommend “THE ONE ABOUT… FEAR OF THE LORD“.

I hope this helps.

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