Since it’s an inevitability, a quick matrix of what sacreligious Masses are valid.

First, one should NEVER remain present for a Mass with a woman, or a man in drag or a woman in drag on the altar. Just getting that obvious point out of the way.

A Mass offered by a woman (a “lady priest”) is always 100% invalid. It is metaphysically impossible for a woman to be ordained to ANYTHING, and it is completely impossible for a woman to confect the Eucharist. Completely, totally impossible, now and forever. For a woman to attempt to ape the Mass like this is WILDLY sacrilegious, and the woman would obviously be automatically excommunicated.

A woman masquerading in drag as a man can never be validly ordained. See previous paragraph.

A Mass in which a previously validly ordained priest dressed in drag, masquerading as a woman or anything other than a man, confects the Eucharist using the valid words of consecration and intending to confect the Eucharist, would validly confect the Eucharist- BUT it would be sacrilegious on the level of a Satanic Black Mass.

It will be interesting to see how Satan plays this: will he push for invalidating the Mass entirely by having the Bergoglian Antichurch attempt to change the words of consecration, OR will satan and his minions keep the Mass validly consecrated, but with validly ordained priests masquerading as women doing the consecration and thus torturing Our Blessed Lord all the more?

We shall see… and sooner than we think, I imagine.

This is the American Jesuit faggot (but I repeat myself) priest, Fr. Robert Ballecer, who has been flirting with public drag for quite a while. I’m sure he is EXTREMELY popular in Rome, and his career track is guaranteed to be high and fast.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.