Mailbag: Pure blooded Canadian cattleman imprisoned in his own country checks in

Hi Ann,

I sent a cheque in USD to you via XPress-post for your Cattle Marketing DVD set.

I am very grateful that you have these DVD’s for sale. I was supposed to go take Doug Ferguson’s sell/buy course this week but got denied entry into the US (exit from Canada) because I’m not “vaccinated”. Doug said your DVD course was the best you can get besides being in class.

Thanks again and God bless.


Thanks, N. Stand firm against tyranny, and Justin Castreau and the NewWorldOrder.

Here is an hour-long interview with Reluctant Preppers from July of ARSH 2016 focusing on cattle marketing and livestock as a store of wealth and protection against inflationary and/or collapse scenarios. Sound… familiar?

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.