Fun quotes from the Johns Hopkins/WEF/Gates Foundation 2017 “SPARS Pandemic” planning document: untested, long-term side effects, and inferior to natural immunity edition.

A reader sends. Remember, folks, this document was published in October ARSH 2017. They knew they would be forcing an INTENTIONALLY untested (because all Moderna trials for years on mRNA injections couldn’t get out of the animal trials phase because of the TOXICITY), toxic, and totally useless injection on the entire human race. The CoronaScam has been and continues to be a meticulously planned and executed human depopulation and control operation. Anyone who denies this is either an evil liar, a religious zealot (because Covidism is a religion, a thinly-veiled variant of Freemasonry/Satanism), or terminally stupid.

Read the ARSH 2016 Moderna piece HERE wherein the total failure of mRNA injections and their toxicity- especially when taken in multiple doses- is openly discussed, and wherein Moderna psychopath founder Bencel describes his business plan to copy the computer antivirus software subscription model with mRNA injections, required to upgrade and patch all human (and eventually animal) immune systems.


Bottom p.43-44 “…anti-vaccine proponents began spreading the message that Corovax was inadequately tested and had unknown, long-term side effects and that natural immunity resulting from contracting the disease was a more effective means of conferring protection.

What a coincidence! Whodda thunk it! Why, these people are downright PRESCIENT!

That they were aware, in 2017, of the likely reaction and behavior as this thing played out is sickening.

And it explains why the massive, almost complete blackout of ANY alternative information was immediate and ubiquitous across all media. They had anticipated what would happen when other medical experts not in on this spoke out.

Just imagine what information their post-‘pandemic’, “lessons learned” meetings are generating, at how to do this much better.

God bless.


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