Make sure everyone knows: Paul Pelosi is a sodomite, and the “attack” was a consensual Grindr date he set up with a known schizophrenic gay hustler.

Remember when Paul Pelosi was pulled over for DUI a few months back? What the press covered up was the fact that he had a young lad in the car with him. And not for “mentoring”.

I cannot emphasize enough how thoroughly evil, depraved and sexually perverted the oligarchy is. Most of the ruling class has merited execution SOLELY for their crimes against nature for years.

And what we then realize is that it is our own slothful and effeminate fault for NOT meting out justice, per Romans Chapter 1, and allowing these people to not just survive, but thrive, that is at the root of all of this.

We must return to Natural, Divine and Canon Law if we expect to turn this around barring supernatural intervention. We must become legal positivists in the sense that we simply enforce the law as it already exists, and restore the anti-sodomy laws with full enforcement. Nothing less. Let me be clear: any nation WITHOUT anti-sodomy laws in force and enforced is doomed. It’s the same dynamic as women’s suffrage – it’s a civilizational deal-breaker.

Sordid rundown on Paul Pelosi HERE.

And, as a reminder of how Christian men should roll:

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.