Ivermectin… Apply Paste Form Topically for Turbo-healing SURGICAL INCISIONS?

(Over the transom. Looks like Ivermectin’s anti-inflammatory properties are… significant. If I were to have a surgical incision, I’d slather it with Pony Paste without hesitation. Don’t tell the Kartrashian self-mutilating set. They’ll buy every tube of pony paste on earth! Kudos to Supernerd for his cropping and iris obscuring in the pics below. Well done.–AB)

Dear Ann,

If every desperate/delusional “Housewife of Beverly Outer Space” knew about this stuff it would be flying off the shelves.

Surgery day one. Super puffy. Slightly resembled the Michelin man. Functional eye surgery to recapture some sight, minimalize blindness (but for the sake of the “shallow”, let’s call it an eye lift):

Day Three, with Ivermectin Horse Paste applied topically:

Day Four:

Pretty. Darn. Good.

Feel free to share. No ooozing…no more bleeding…I’m sure my scars will be minimal. Ivermectin works. Saint Tiny Princess does too!

“They” told me three week recovery. Then I should add on an extra few days because of the multiple sclerosis, and low immune system yada yada yada….

Ivermectin works. It worked when I had the “crud” last year, and it worked this week. The doctors only say it doesn’t work because THAT’S WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN TOLD TO SAY.


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