The Obligatory Barnhardt Toenail Fungus post. (Yep, Ivermectin again.)

I’ve never had any nail fungus myself, but so many people have emailed in on this that it is an obligatory post.

Yes, Ivermectin seems to clear toenail fungus with an almost unbelievable speed, according to my inbox. And we’re talking about people who have fought it for years and even decades.

Here is what seems to be working for people: take the prophylactic dose orally, AND also apply either the horse paste OR the liquid injectable directly to the nail as a poultice. If you’re using the liquid, I would soak a wad of gauze in it and affix that to the nail with medical tape. Same with the horse paste – rub it generously on the nail and cover with a gauze sheath. So between the oral dose and the poultice, you are attacking the fungus from both the inside and the outside.

And within very short order… no more fungus amungus.

So add “anti-fungal” to Ivermectin’s properties.

Just brainstorming here… why wouldn’t this also knock out Athlete’s Foot, which is a fungal issue? I haven’t had Athlete’s Foot since the miserable days of forced showering in disgusting public school locker rooms, but I would think that rubbing the horse paste on the feet would likely help if not totally knock Athlete’s Foot out. And, again, file this under “It Can’t Hurt To Try”.

As always, I hope this helps.

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