“Oh God…!!!!!!!!!”

I pray that I will have enough time and cognizance for “God” or “Jesus” to be the last word I utter.

Think today, and every day, about the last word YOU will utter aloud.

After every Sacramental Communion you make with Our Lord, think in full consciousness back in the pew (or at the altar if you are a priest) that it might be your Viaticum, and ask for those graces accordingly… just in case.

Take leave silently, to yourself, of people and places you love EVERY time you leave them, not being macabre, but being detached, and ready to die in gratitude and joy, according to the Divine Providence.

Let Kevin Cosgrove’s wail cry out to us twenty-one years later and let the horror incite us to enter, live and remain in Sacramental Grace, and let our “Oh God!” in our moment of death be not a terrorized scream, but a recollected, loving whisper to the Triune God who loved us infinitely first, no matter the circumstance.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.