More Manifesting: Adolt Shitler appoints literal open satanist as MonkeyButtPox czar who promptly recommends NOT telling sodomite men that MonkeyButtPox spreads through sodomy.

Worshiping satan is zero disqualification for high government office.

People are being sent to prison for saying that there are two immutable sexes.

Tiny children are being mandatorily groomed in schools by open pedophiles.

The longest standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival last week was for a movie about bisexual teenaged cannibals who felt “judged”.

And there’s that small ongoing matter of mandatory injections of openly known and proven poison sterilants.

And… an obvious Antipope at the head on the obvious Antichurch while the True Church, under intense persecution, glows in terrifyingly visible eclipse.

It can’t be much longer now.

Reportage on the MonkeyPox czar here. Extreme content and image warning. Intense blasphemy.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.