If you want an idea of what is coming, you might consider watching my video presentation from ARSH 2012 on the Vendée genocide during the French Revolution.

The trajectory has been obvious and inevitable given to total rejection of Jesus Christ for many years. Dick Cheney made it clear that they intend to try, and “Epsteinecute” Trump for capital sedition. The scamdemic and death injections were the final test to ensure that Boobus Effeminitus Americanus would never resist his own genocide. Now that that has been confirmed, what was called “The Terror” in the French Revolution will be commencing shortly in North America.

I was unsure how this Tea Party group would receive my defense of the French Monarchy given the lies all Americans have been taught for centuries about the “glorious” French Revolution. When I was done speaking, after the video cuts, when the standing ovation finally stopped, a Vietnam Vet and leader of the group hushed the crowd and declared this presentation to be the finest he had ever seen or heard. I guess I was effective in overcoming the American Freemasonic cultural bias against Catholic Monarchy and culture, and demonstrating that the former US was on the fast-track to a collapse into tyranny, genocide, and hot, bloody civil war. Recorded July 12, ARSH 2012. It simultaneously feels like yesterday, and several lifetimes ago….

Graphic content warning – explicit descriptions of satanic atrocities committed against women and infants.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.