Breaking: Pope Benedict’s personal secretary, Archbishop Ganswein sobbing repeatedly when talking about the failed attempted resignation. NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

Remember, this is the same man who six years ago analogized Pope Benedict’s glorious attempted “fundamental transformation” of the Petrine See into an “expanded, collegial, synodal Office” with “contemplative and active members” to the Immaculate Conception.

And now he weeps so uncontrollably with grief that he can’t speak.




This is an indication of conscience and moral sanity. An INDICATION – not a guarantee.

Let us disabuse ourselves of ANY notion of any categorical nonsense like a “Ratzinger Code”. Anyone pushing such a fiction – and FICTION truly is the word – is a profiteer, looking to make money off of this abject train wreck of a situation.

Pope Benedict has made the biggest ERROR in the history of the papacy. He truly thought that he could escape the Papacy and the complete corruption of the Roman Curia, the College of Cardinals AND Bishops, and the Vatican II train wreck by “half-quitting”. He’s been immersed in conversations about the need to “modernize and demythologize” the Papacy for his entire adult life. The Teutonic and Nouvelle Theologie School had been ruminating over it since the 1950’s. The Miller Dissertation is proof of this. As is “Dienst an Der Einheit”, a collection of essays on the topic that Joseph Ratzinger EDITED and had PUBLISHED UNDER HIS NAME.

I trust +Ganswein about as far as I can throw him by his eyebrows, BUT I am willing to at least hope that these tears are genuine, and that perhaps they come from +Ganswein seeing the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI weeping at the ABJECT MESS that HE AND HE ALONE SET IN MOTION.

Pope Benedict Ratzinger needs OUR PRAYERS and our sincere LOVE IN TRUTH. Not the fantasies akin to little boys explaining the absence of their absentee Father by making up obvious lies about him being “an astronaut” or “a spy on assignment”. Everyone knows that’s nonsense. Pope Benedict did what he did in February ARSH 2013 in SUBSTANTIAL ERROR, and I hope and pray that +Ganswein’s tears are derivative of that.

When you love someone, you tell them the truth. You don’t blow smoke up their cassock, ESPECIALLY to make a buck or seeking “glory”. ESPECIALLY with regards to the Holy Father, Christ’s Vicar on Earth. HOW DESPICABLE. How UTTERLY, UTTERLY DESPICABLE the very thought.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us, on Pope Benedict, on your Vicariate on Earth the Petrine See, and on Your Holy and Indefectible Church, in terrifyingly visible eclipse, outside of which there is no salvation.


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