TopGun: Great, except the nation it is set in no longer exists. And probably hasn’t since ARSH 2008 with the Soetoro usurpation.

Several members of the Barnhardt Podcast crew report very positive things about the TopGun experience. We’ll get the full debriefing on the next Podcast. And we’re flattered by the angry emails coming in demanding a new episode. We hear you, believe me. I had a span of being unavailable, and now Supernerd is taking care of some serious family stuff that VASTLY outweighs any online commitments. I’ll not go into details, but, if I could solicit prayers for Supernerd and SuperMommy specifically asking the intercession of:

Our Lady of the Assumption

St. Joseph

St. Tiny Princess

Thank you for your prayers, and your patience. It’s good for both of us to know that we’re missed.

Circling back, here’s my thought on TopGun. IF you’re going to see it, see it in the biggest format theater you can, understanding that the United States is a dead corpse – long, long dead. Smell that? That stench? Yeah. It’s the rotting flesh of the United States. Detach now. It will make everything internally easier.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.