Toes and Footprints… and HOPE.

The Ascension, Master of the Heisterbacher Altar with Stefan Lochner, ARSH 1440, Bamberg, Staatsgalerie

Today is the Feast of the Ascension, 40 days after Easter.  I love the images of the Ascension in which only Our Lord’s toes are shown as He zooms up to Heaven.  Some images show Our Lord’s footprints remaining on the Mount of Olives, as does the image above.  I also love how the stunned awe of the Apostles is captured in their faces in this altarpiece, especially the Apostle in green on the left.

There is an excellent and exhaustive blog post dedicated to Toes and Footprints HERE, which I recommend.

The Ascension is the Second Glorious Mystery of the Rosary, and the fruit of this mystery is HOPE. In these dark days, we need all the hope we can muster. And then some.

Remember the Toes!

Happy Feast!

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