So Queen Elizabeth gets Ivermectin for the Coof? Are we surprised? Nah.

0:19 mark. Stromectol (3mg Ivermectin) pills for Her Majesty’s Masonic Sniffles?


I hope she survives and lives many more years so that she can repent, convert to Catholicism, and do penance for her life of living as a billionaire while claiming to be the Head of State and “Pope” of the Anglican schismatic sect, with one of her titles being “Defender of the Faith” while she presided over and signed off on: legalization of no-fault divorce, legalization of abortion, legalization of sodomy, legalization of euthanasia/murder by NHS, and the legalized invasion of the U.K. and the irreversible destruction of her own race.  Not to mention going along with the CoronaScam.  Her family is a humiliating train wreck for a reason.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.