A couple of happy notes on Ivermectin use

1. The first note is simply a general response to questions about dosing: YES YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN AND SHOULD TAKE HIGHER DOSES THAT ARE BEING RECOMMENDED BY FOLKS LIKE DR. KORY, etc. Ivermectin is literally one of the safest drugs in the world. Don’t hesitate to kick up the dosage, especially for treatment of a suspected viral infection. What I have on my Ivermectin info page is simply the conventional dosage that veterinarians have been quietly using on themselves and their families for decades, and which is printed on every bottle of 1% livestock injectable solution: 1mL per 110 pounds (50kg) of body weight – which humans take orally by drinking it. 1mL of the 1% injectable solution contains 10mg of Ivermectin, again, printed right there on every bottle. And I say again: YES, YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN INCREASE THAT DOSAGE WITH NO WORRY. Ivermectin is safer than aspirin.

2. I’ve been aggressively spreading the word on Ivermectin for over six months now, and in that time I’ve received a handful of emails that said essentially the same thing that merits comment.

I took a prophylactic dose of Ivermectin and felt kinda crappy for a day of two, but then it cleared up and I feel better than I have felt in years. I have more energy, and the mild brain fog that I noticed but never took seriously is gone.

If this has happened to you or someone you know, it is POSSIBLE that what happened was that the person in question had a latent parasitic infection of some kind, and the Ivermectin cleared it. The big clue is the “felt kinda crappy for a day or two”. This COULD be the totally normal effect resulting from parasites dying and releasing toxins which are then quickly scrubbed by the liver and kidneys and passed.

I suspect that FAR more people in the former U.S. and first world in general have low-grade parasitic infections than anyone realizes. But these days “parasites” don’t even occur to us as a possibility because we think our standard of living and hygiene has totally eliminated even the possibility. This is false.

Remember the amazing letter from the Dad who dosed his family with Ivermectin when they picked up a suspected virus, and his four year old daughter who had always been inexplicably sickly and underweight promptly passed an eight inch long roundworm? No pediatrician in the first world today would have suspected an upper-middle class American child of having worms. It’s simply not on anyone’s radar. Same for any other type of parasite.

I’m happy to help get the knowledge out that yes, people still can and do have low-grade parasitic infections, and that yes, Ivermectin could potentially clear up years-long undiagnosed or misdiagnosed chronic vitiation, in addition to its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

As always, I hope this helps.

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