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My 80+year old relative is in hospital with coo void and one kidney that was shutting down…….. this relative’s spouse has been sneaking this person “evermechton” because docdor and horsepital all forbid this drug and things were looking really bad…… kidney was shitting down, too weak for dial-suss….. but the spouse kept on slipping him drug that staff was totally oblivious too and guess what? It worked and relative is muc much recovered……

Want you to know that I share a lot of your articles on that drug and that I think made the difference for the spouse of the relative making the decision to deceive the staff and save my relative.

I write things in encrypted way but you know email is not very secure and anybody can read it

God bless and thank you.



Guess who’s walking on clouds tomorrow?

If you’d like a little insight into Ann-aged-seventeen, here you go.  One of the first things I bought upon moving to Manhattan, KS to begin my two-year-and-seven-month sprint to a bachelor’s degree in Animal Husbandry and Ag Econ at Kansas State was Elvis’ Gospel Anthology CD set. This would have been September of ARSH 1994.

These two songs match the moment.  Poor Elvis.  What an amazing convert he was primed to be – but the Church was in total retreat just as Elvis was falling into obesity and drugs.  Can you imagine Elvis and… Gregorian chant? Can you imagine Elvis who LOVED singing the bass part… and BYZANTINE POLYPHONIC CHANT? Elvis, until the end, despite his sinful ways, insisted that his band and backup singers sing gospel music with him every night.  This video is one of those evenings.  And yes, the skinny kid in the tan shirt is Richard Sterban of the Oak Ridge Boys – my SECOND “boyfriend” after, naturally, John “Bo Duke” Schneider, as a toddler. And yes, can we all just contemplate for a moment J.D. Sumner and Richard Sterban, the two greatest bass singers of the 20th century, singing eighteen inches away from each other, and what a moment THAT was – made possible by Elvis.

Listen to what Elvis says at the beginning of this video: “It more or less puts your mind at ease – it does mine.”

“LEAD ME, GUIDE ME”, followed by “Rock My Soul (In the Bosom of Abraham)”.

Lead me, guide me along the way
For if You lead me, I cannot stray
Or just open mine eyes, that I may see
Lead me O Lord, won’t you lead me
I am tired and I need Thy strength and power
To guide me over my darkest hour
Lord, just open mine eyes that I may see
Lead me O Lord, won’t You lead me



Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.