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Tying everything together: will prophecy be fulfilled by the New World Order oligarchs using the US nuclear arsenal against America and the entire human race in the name of “stopping viral outbreaks”?

A religious listener to the Barnhardt Podcast picked up on what I said in episode #152 about the New World Order/Antichurch eventually deploying nuclear weapons against humanity, including Americans. Marian prophecy very strongly implies nuclear holocausts, and it seems likely at this point that the New World Order oligarchy and the Antichurch are so utterly satanic that the use of nuclear weapons against humanity qua humanity is just a very quick jump and logical next step from destroying economies and coerced poison injections.

The listener recommended the book “The White Plague” by Frank Herbert, who also wrote “Dune”, in which nuclear weapons are deployed, including against Rome, in the name of “containing” an engineered plague.

In a related vein, I would hasten to remind one and all that the former United States government is “the Bad Guys”, a Kakistocracy, under the control of the New World Order oligarchs, and thus the only thing between said oligarchs and the entire US nuclear arsenal is a bunch of midwit flag officers who are too busy organizing Drag Queen appreciation events to actually maintain a functional military.

Don’t be surprised if we wake up one morning to the news that a Marine Corps Colonel leading a junta has taken over Washington DC. It’s actually about the best that could be hoped for at this point.

Welp. I’m gonna just leave this here. Have a lovely Saturday!

The wisdom of St. Cajetan: If you refuse to love God Almighty for His own sake, because He is God, then don’t presume upon His favor or mercy. Only psycho narcissists expect God to worship THEM on THEIR terms.

“If you want Christ to love you and help you, you must love Him and always make every endeavor to please Him. Do not waver in your purpose because even if all the saints and every single creature were to abandon you, He will always be near you, no matter what your needs may be.”

-St. Cajetan

Barnhardt Podcast #152: Twisties, Jabbies and Apostasies

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In this episode we discuss mental health and pharmacology in the Olympics, whether a bishop wearing white can bar someone — anyone — from attending a Mass because they didn’t get The Death Jab, reminisce about the good old days when Popes wrote clear encyclicals with solid Catholic teaching, and address an “Ask Ann” question with possibly the shortest answer yet. The storm clouds aren’t on the horizon — they are almost overhead now! — but the ending has been foretold: the victory is His and we can take part in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart if want, and act on that desire.

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Oh, we’re winning, folks. New Covid Cult agitprop/comedy bit: “Poison Control centers overwrought with Ivermectin overdose poisoning!” I kid you not… 😂🤣

Read every word of this to see the shameless mendacity and pure evil of the Covidic Cult.

Then, SEND EVERYONE to my IVERMECTIN Q&A page for detailed acquisition and dosing instructions.

In fact, I would STRONGLY suggest copying the text of my page and saving it so that you can distribute the information even if my website is deplatformed by the Covidic Cult.

They’re trying to flood the propaganda space with the spectacular lies printed above precisely because Ivermectin is highly effective against not just the Holocough, but is a broad-spectrum anti-viral which has the clear potential to reduce the over-the-counter cold and flu remedy market by half OR MORE.

So stock up on “pig injections” and “pony paste” and LAUGH at the impotent flailings of the children of darkness.

Remember, the “super-scary pig injection” formula that we take orally by drinking it is 1% Ivermectin, 59% propylene glycol, 40% glycerol formal. Dose is 1mL per 110 pounds of body weight, monthly as prophylaxis; as a treatment 3 total doses at 48 hour intervals, for example 1.5mL on Monday, 1.5mL on Wednesday and 1.5mL on Friday. Remember, we humans simply take it orally by drinking it. And 1.5mL is roughly 1/3rd of a teaspoon. One dose is a relatively tiny quantity of liquid.





Mailbag: Ohio Farmer with Clogged Drainage Pipes Waxes Allegorical

Dear Ann,

As a farmer, I have had tile pipes in the fields to drain ’em–160 acres worth. Near tree lines, the ‘effing tree roots get into the clay pipes searching for water, and I’ve got to find out the offending clogged pipes. Ream ’em out or replace ’em. Simple but tough job.

Human blood vessel clotted due to spike protein adhesion allegory using crop land drainage pipe.

Now–fast forward to “the Jab.” 40 Trillion spike proteins rammed into your body’s piping. That amount would prolly begin to clog my 4 inch diameter clay field tiles, let alone delicate human veins, arteries, and capillaries.

As indicated in various blogs, the Jab induces 40T spike proteins into your body. These “clog your pipes.” You might have had smooth-wall piping, but with the Jab’s spikes attaching to vessel walls, they snag platelets. You’ll be a prime candidate for clots/thombisis.

How many ER folks or Docs will run a D-dimer test, when they’re scared shitless now in Med Schools to even admit there are only M or F sexes? My elder Sis runs a med billing outfit here in the Midwest–her take on most Docs she interfaces with today: most are running scared–gotta keep the revenue flow going at all costs–don’t rock the cash boat. Medicine is “science and art” and the Public… be damned.

Midwest Farmer

Folks, we all have to accept and be at peace with the fact that our culture must be destroyed in justice. The post-Christian west has forfeited its right to exist.

Watch this and understand. This is marketed to pre-schoolers.

If you want a really good way to size someone up, show them this and then see if they say, “Yeah, but I HAVE to subscribe to Disney Plus so I can watch The Mandalorian and WandaVision…”

Come, Lord Jesus, Sun of Justice, and cleanse the world. Our hearts are ready.

Repost: Why the identity of the Vicar of Christ matters, and you will soon be forced to publicly declare it.

(Originally penned and posted in December of ARSH 2020 before we even knew how toxic and lethally dangerous the ClotShots would be. Now that Antipope Bergoglio is banning the non-DeathJabbed from his Masses, and faithful Catholics are being lyingly told by their GrindrPriests and GrindrBishops that they have no right to refuse the ClotShot based on any appeal to Catholic conscience, perhaps a few more people will now be ready to drop the totally irrational and infantile “Fwanciss is definitely Pope, Stoopid!” imbecility and acknowledge what has been glaringly obvious for years: Pope Benedict never validly resigned, and the See of Peter is being squatted upon by an evil criminal and servant of satan…)

Now that Antipope Bergoglio has declared vaccines manufactured with fetal cell lines “moral” in his Antichurch, every believing Catholic is going to have to make a choice.

Here is how Satan has set the chess board, trying to trick people into thinking that they are in schism:

If you try to claim that such “vaccines” are a violation of your conscience as a Catholic, you will be told that “Pope Francis”, to whom you MUST submit as a Catholic, has ratified and is pushing such vaccines, and thus your appeal to violation of conscience is impossible AS A CATHOLIC.

We, of course, see straight through satan’s gambit. Antipope Bergoglio has nothing to do with the Papacy, and has no authority. Further, Antipope Bergoglio is not the standard of schism. The Vicar of Christ, Pope Benedict XVI, is the principle of unity and standard of schism. Jorge Bergoglio is a mere criminal.

So the people who have intransigently insisted that “Francis is Pope” are about to be forced by their own error into yet another catch-22: either get the Coviet baptism or publicly apostatize from Catholicism, because the lie that Antipope Bergoglio is the head of the Catholic Church yields the false corollary that there is no appeal to Catholic conscience in refusing the “vaccines”.

THIS is yet another proofset as to why the identity of the Vicar of Christ is of the utmost importance and relevance. Remaining neutral or merely silent on this question will no longer be possible.

And yes, this is yet another example of consilience, as Catholic teaching and conscience remains totally intact when you acknowledge that Benedict is Pope.

God doesn’t put people in catch-22s in terms of their immortal souls. You NEVER have to choose between two sins as your only path forward. If it appears that you do, then something is wrong with your base premise. There is always a path forward that doesn’t involve sin.

As a Catholic in unity with and in submission to the Vicar of Christ, Pope Benedict XVI, and the infallible and unchanging magisterium of the Church of which he is the visible earthly head, I refuse to be vaccinated as it would be a violation of conscience.”

See how easy that is? No catch-22. No schism. No apostasy. Just the radiant, resplendent TRUTH. But you have to SAY it. “Silent neutrality” is no longer an option.

Wheat… chaff… sheep… goats…

It’s all happening.

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

Fun with math: Pfizer and Moderna just contracted to supply the European Union with 2.1 BILLION more ClotShots. EU population? 446 million. 2100/446 = 4.7 doses per person at current population levels

This, the largest crime against humanity ever conceived and executed, will never, ever end without hot war, barring full-blown supernatural intervention.

Mailbag: TheDeathvaxx and the Fall of Man


You compared the present insistence by the vaccine-poisoned that all must share their fate with the rebellion of Satan and his angels. I think an even better one is with Eve giving the fruit to Adam, especially as depicted in Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’. C.S. Lewis in his ‘Preface to Paradise Lost’ describes this moment:

The results of her fall begin at once. She thinks that earth is a long way from Heaven and God may not have seen her (811-16); the doom of Nonsense is already at work. Next she decides that she will not tell Adam about the fruit. She will exploit her secret to become his equal – or no, better still, his superior (817-25). The rebel is already aiming at tyranny. But presently she remembers that the fruit may, after all, be deadly. She decides that if she is to die, Adam must die with her; it is intolerable that he should be happy, and happy (who knows?) with another woman when she is gone. I am not sure that critics always notice the precise sin which Eve is now committing, yet there is no mystery about it. Its name in English is Murder. If the fruit is to produce deity Adam shall have none of it; she means to do a corner in divinity. But if it means death, then he must be made to eat it, in order that he may die – for that reason and no other, as her words make perfectly plain (826-30). And hardly has she made this resolve before she is congratulating herself upon it as a singular proof of the tenderness and magnanimity of her love (830-3).

If the precise movement of Eve’s mind at this point is not always noticed, that is because Milton’s truth to nature is here almost too great, and the reader is involved in the same illusion as Eve herself. The whole thing is so quick, each new element of folly, malice, and corruption enters so unobtrusively, so naturally, that it is hard to realize we have been watching the genesis of murder. We expect something more like Lady Macbeth’s ‘unsex me here’. But Lady Macbeth speaks thus after the intention of murder has already been fully formed in her mind. Milton is going close to the actual moment of decision. Thus, and not otherwise, does the mind turn to embrace evil. No man, perhaps, ever at first described to himself the act he was about to do as Murder, or Adultery, or Fraud, or Treachery, or Perversion; and when he hears it so described by other men he is (in a way) sincerely shocked and surprised. Those others ‘don’t understand’. If they knew what it had really been like for him, they would not use those crude ‘stock’ names. With a wink or a titter, or in a cloud of muddy emotion, the thing has slipped into his will as something not very extraordinary, something of which, rightly understood and in all his highly peculiar circumstances, he may even feel proud. If you or I, reader, ever commit a great crime, be sure we shall feel very much more like Eve than like Iago.”

-C.S. Lewis

But if it means death, then he must be made to eat it, in order that he may die – for that reason and no other, as her words make perfectly plain (826-30). And hardly has she made this resolve before she is congratulating herself upon it as a singular proof of the tenderness and magnanimity of her love.”