Mailbag: Ohio Farmer with Clogged Drainage Pipes Waxes Allegorical

Dear Ann,

As a farmer, I have had tile pipes in the fields to drain ’em–160 acres worth. Near tree lines, the ‘effing tree roots get into the clay pipes searching for water, and I’ve got to find out the offending clogged pipes. Ream ’em out or replace ’em. Simple but tough job.

Human blood vessel clotted due to spike protein adhesion allegory using crop land drainage pipe.

Now–fast forward to “the Jab.” 40 Trillion spike proteins rammed into your body’s piping. That amount would prolly begin to clog my 4 inch diameter clay field tiles, let alone delicate human veins, arteries, and capillaries.

As indicated in various blogs, the Jab induces 40T spike proteins into your body. These “clog your pipes.” You might have had smooth-wall piping, but with the Jab’s spikes attaching to vessel walls, they snag platelets. You’ll be a prime candidate for clots/thombisis.

How many ER folks or Docs will run a D-dimer test, when they’re scared shitless now in Med Schools to even admit there are only M or F sexes? My elder Sis runs a med billing outfit here in the Midwest–her take on most Docs she interfaces with today: most are running scared–gotta keep the revenue flow going at all costs–don’t rock the cash boat. Medicine is “science and art” and the Public… be damned.

Midwest Farmer

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.