Quick Ivermectin Injectable intel: it is best to store it at COOL ROOM TEMP in a DARK spot. Don’t put it in the fridge.

Very standard: store Ivermectin in a cool, dark place. Not the cold fridge.

So basically, put it in a cabinet.

Thanks to the reader who sent the citation. 🙏🏻

I’ve given away 1200+ doses, and am sitting at the moment on 1600 more. With many more to be procured over the coming weeks. I have also bought a bunch of 50mL glass dropper-top bottles, per K in the post below. I totally see that being the hyper-efficient and low-key means of distribution.

Pro tip: they make those bottles in many colors, including blue and green. Brown looks like “medicine”. Maybe consider blue, which looks like aromatherapy oils or some such. Blue is also the color of Our Lady.

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