Mailbag: Gushing Gratitude and a Practical Suggestion – 50mL brown glass bottles

Dear Ann,

Not to embarrass you, but in all likelihood, you helped save my life. Every time I have tried to write you a letter to express my thanks, the words feel silly and inadequate. My gratitude simply overwhelms me.

But in part because I have also been needing to share a crucial suggestion with you — which I’ll get to below — I am determined to send this long-overdue note of appreciation TODAY.

Dear, beloved, precious Ann! It was you who put me onto Karl Denninger, who put me onto Dr. Pierre Kory, whose impassioned testimony in the U.S. Senate last December inspired me to find the FLCCC website, where I found the I-MASK+ prophylactic protocol for high-risk individuals. Just as importantly, it was YOU who gave me the actual way to DO that protocol, since my own doctor refused to prescribe me ivermectin. (Hello, Tractor Supply!)

I am 64, and have two risk factors — obesity (mea maxima culpa) and high blood pressure (yes, probably as a direct result of the obesity). But for most of last year, any fear for my own life or health was DWARFED by my fear that I might asymptomatically or pre-symptomatically INFECT SOMEONE ELSE and be responsible for their death.

I have been told for years by people close to me that I suffer from scrupulosity. Maybe so, maybe not, but in any case, my life was constricted by my fear of hurting others, even though I knew from early on that something was very, very fishy about the whole Covid thing, and that Fauci was a snake.

But praise be to God, I took my first dose of 1% ivermectin injectable solution on December 24, and a HUGE burden was lifted from me. It is probably no exaggeration to say that ivermectin saved my sanity. It gave me my life back. I feel that you and Dr. Kory, by informing me about ivermectin, have been God’s instruments in bringing me precious, priceless peace of mind. I feel like an ex-prisoner who’s been granted her freedom. Who is to say whether saving my sanity has not also in some sense saved my life?

So I am unspeakably grateful to you, dear lady!

And now for the suggestion, which I really hope you will share with others. Rather than be dependent on those disposable syringes, why not do what I do: Pry the cap off the bottle that the solution comes in, and pour the liquid into empty brown glass bottles with leakproof caps — either regular caps or caps with droppers. Then it is very easy to pour or dropper your dose into a measuring spoon (1 ml = 0.2 tsp) and take it just like cough medicine. (To me, it even tastes a little like cough medicine, only not as cloyingly sweet.)

I have poured liquid into 50-ml brown glass bottles, labeled the bottles, and given them to people who are actually committed to taking it, either for prevention, like me, or if they start to get sick any time in the future.

Anticipating the times that are coming, I have gone to Tractor Supply and Orschelns in various cities over the past few months, limiting myself to one 500ml bottle per purchase — I don’t want to buy out any store’s whole supply; I want to leave enough for others in the area who may be buying it. I pay in cash, as you so wisely counseled. (THANK YOU for that advice! I might not have thought of it on my own.)

Then, I ordered online (but NOT from evil Amazon) several cases of 50 mL brown glass bottles with leak-proof caps, into which I plan to soon portion out my sizable supplies and get them labeled and ready to give to people.

I really hope you will share my suggestion about pouring the ivermectin solution into bottles with regular caps and taking your dose from a measuring spoon, just like any other medicine. I’m probably not the only person out there who finds disposable syringes off-putting, inconvenient, costly, and wasteful. Not to mention that they may not be available in stores soon. Supply lines are glitching all over the place, and I suspect that many things will become unavailable at any price in the coming months. My advice is to buy ivermectin while you still can, but forget the syringes. People always have spoons on hand; syringes, not so much.

In closing, just know that I am extremely grateful to you — not only for ivermectin, but for all the Catholic wisdom you share (your piece about the Immaculate Conception and your piece using the deck of cards…. oh my, I will treasure forever), for your continuing work in defense of the true papacy, and for constantly CHALLENGING me personally toward greater holiness.

You make a huge difference in the world, Ann, and you make a huge difference in my life.

God bless you, keep you, and prosper your work for His Kingdom!

Love and peace in Jesus our Savior,


P.S. Oh and I didn’t even mention your podcasts!! I only started listening to them a few months ago, and… WOW. Every single one is a gift.

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