God is the actor. God is the driver. God is the smitten Lover, and we are the quarry. To understand this or not, is the sort. This is the sift.

(Originally penned in ARSH 2014, when we were all still young and naive. I’ve reworked references to the Antipope, as even I hadn’t yet come to the moral certainty of the situation, specifically the Canonical invalidity of Pope Benedict’s failed attempted partial resignation. -AlphaBravo2021)

So I’m getting all kinds of emails from people who feel themselves losing their faith, considering going sedevacantist or just giving up on the entire idea of the Church qua church altogether.

This is obviously very, very bad, and is the doing of satan.  This is what happened right after the promulgation of the Novus Ordo Mass in late ARSH 1969.  Many, many Catholics saw the Holy and August Sacrifice of the Mass turned into – sometimes literally – a clown show in the space of just a few short months, and simply walked away.  “I didn’t leave the Church – the Church left me.

Now satan wants to finish what was started 50 years ago.  What we are seeing today is the coming to full fruition of the Modernist-Freemasonic-Communist-Homosexualist war of aggression against God and His Church.  Yes, I said “Freemasonic”.  I need to write a full post on that because I know the vast majority of Americans don’t understand what Freemasonry was and is.  I know many of you, like me, have male relatives who were members of Masonic lodges, and it seemed like a benign club where men got together and drank coffee, socialized, did charitable projects, and also did some weird “ritualistic” stuff.  Yes.  In fact, I myself was in Job’s Daughters for one semester when I was 13, and was eligible because my grandfather (now long dead) was a Mason in rural Kansas.  For now, since I don’t want to get into it in this post, please just understand that Freemasonry in the U.S. today is GENERALLY very, very different from Freemasonry in Europe, and Freemasonry in years and centuries past.  European Freemasonry today is massively intertwined with the global banking and financial system (which is evil, as we know) as well as the globalist/one world government manifestations (the E.U., the United Nations, the Washington D.C. regime, etc.).  And, target numero uno of Freemasonry is, you guessed it, THE CHURCH, and especially the PAPACY. Like I said, more on that later.

In this post I want to try, once again, to help draw the distinction in everyone’s minds between Jesus Christ and the people inside the Church and how equating the two is extremely, extremely harmful to the point of endangering one’s soul by either driving a person out of, or keeping a person from ever entering in the first place, the One True Church.

Here is what I see, hear and perceive in people, and this is what I think many, many people simply do not get.

Jesus Christ is a Person.  God is a Personal Deity.

“Well, duh” many of you might say at that statement.  Not so fast.  I see very little understanding of this truly foundational premise.

All of you who are “losing your faith” and “ready to give up on the Church”, let me just ask you:

What EXACTLY do you think the Church is?

Why do you go to Mass?

Why do you genuflect when you enter the pew?

Why do you go to confession (if you even do)?

Why do you try to avoid sin?

Why do you give a flying fig about anyone besides yourself?

In order.

The Church is God’s vehicle of reaching out to man so that we might know Him, love Him and serve Him in this world, and be happy with Him forever in the next.  Note the direction, because this is utterly crucial: the Church is GOD’S vehicle for REACHING OUT TO MAN.  The Church is His creation, it is His instrument to the point that He regards it as “His Body”.  He is the Driver, He is the Revelator, He is the Actor within it.  NOT MAN.  

The Catholic Church, which is the one-and-only true Church and true religion, is NOT man-made or man-sustained.  It is a supernatural gift from Almighty God to mankind that is completely beyond our comprehension in the infinite love, condescension, and burning desire for the salvation of every single human being that is the cause for its existence.

Here is what the Church is NOT:  It is NOT a man-made invention.  Every false religion (Hinduism, Buddhism, Talmudic Judaism, the musloid political system, Mormonism, Covidism), as well as EVERY Protesting quasi-Christian sect, cult and “denomination” is MAN MADE.  Look ’em up.  Look up “presbyterian” and you can see EXACTLY when and who created this man-made sect.  Some “non-denominational” churches are so cringingly clueless that they proudly BOAST of when they were “founded”. Established in 1982…  These “churches”, and also the infiltrators of the Catholic Church, peddle the lie that religion and “church” are MAN’S REACHING OUT TO GOD.  Man is the founder, man is the driver, man is the actor.  Man, man, man.

Do you understand the difference here?  The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is God desperately chasing after YOU, God doing everything He possibly, possibly can short of taking away your free will and coercing you.  

Here is God coming down on the altar at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, miraculously and supernaturally changing bread and wine into His Physical Substance so that He can be near us, among us and even inside of us in His PHYSICAL SUBSTANCE.  

Here is God giving us a concrete means of confessing our sins TO HIM and receiving pardon and absolution FROM HIM so that we actually, physically hear the words, “I absolve you…” through the supernatural reality of the priesthood and the Sacrament of Confession.  

God is the actor. God is the driver. God is the smitten Lover, and we are the quarry.

Are you sure you want to walk away from that because, after a century of attack, foretold and prophesied repeatedly by no less than His Mother, we now have a Church infested with stupid, seemingly faithless men, including an obvious Antipope?  Really?

If that is the case, then I would posit that you erroneously view the Church NOT as the supernatural reality that it is, but instead as one of the following:

-A cult of personality

-An ethnic characteristic

-A point of contract law

-A social and/or social CLASS organization

-A political organization

-A source of entertainment (both in terms of the liturgy AND in terms of intrigue and gossip)

-A business or career

-A hobby akin to being a fan of a sports team

Why do you go to Mass?  Because you “have to”?  To hear “Fr. Jazzhands” sermon?  The music?  To see your friends/clique?  To “be seen” by others, especially singing in the choir, lectoring, and/or distributing Holy Communion?  Because you have been nagged into it by your parents or spouse and you go just to shut them up and keep them off your back?

Let me explain why I go to Mass, and you can take it for what it is worth.  I go to Mass because God Almighty Incarnated, suffered and died for my sins because He loves me and wants me to exist inside of Him for all eternity after I die.  He made me, He made the entire universe, and He established, protects and sustains The Catholic Church and comes down onto the altar at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass so that I can be there with Him at Calvary, and so that, when possible, I can approach Him and take His Physical Substance into my body, not primarily because this is what I want, but because this is what HE WANTS.  

The objective of all of this is me, Ann Elizabeth Andrew Barnhardt, going to heaven.  I go to Mass because He loves me so much that He would suffer the entirety of His Passion for me and me alone AS MANY TIMES AS I ASSIST AT MASS over the entire course of my life.

Given that, the very, very least I can do is show up to Mass, acknowledge what He has done for me and is re-presented for my benefit at Mass, and console My Lord and My God, burning with Love for me personally, with my presence as He dies in agony for me and because of my sins, as completely and utterly incomprehensible as that is.

Now go back and re-read that and substitute YOURSELF.  The read it again and substitute the names of your family members, friends, acquaintances, enemies, and every single human being who ever has, is currently, or ever will exist.

And if the devil thinks that ANYTHING some dimwitted narcissist says or does, even if that dimwitted narcissist is masquerading (badly) as the Pope, is going to drive me away from Our Lord, His Church, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Eucharist, or the Sacrament of Confession, then Old Scratch has another thing coming.

Do you believe these truths, or do you not?  This is the sort.  This is the sift.

As always, I hope this helps someone out there reading.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.